Jennifer Robinson on Assange – Australian National Press Club

Written by Consortium News


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  1. Thanks to the National Press Club of Australia. In the US, even many independent and leftist political influencers seem hesitant to give much good faith attention to this critical news issue and human travesty.

  2. Speaking of the CIA, Gatekeeper John Kiriakou is a true lover of the Imperial CIA/MIC killing machine and absolutely not to be trusted! Wake UP Sheeple!! Fake whistle-blower John Kiriakou is a CIA Mockingbird tool infiltrated in the News Outlet of Sputnik International, Consortium News and many other information outlets. Julian Assange family and the groups of activists who are supporting Julian Assange must Wake UP and realize that The Mockingbirds are good pretenders!! John Kiriakou has always been a Master of deceit and lies & a total sell-out. When is Julian Assange’s family going to realize that the infiltration of the CIA using as their information tool John Kiriakou, is meant to control the narrative in the Political case of Julian Assange and to make sure that Assange do get extradited to the United the States and put in a black hole for the rest of his life!

    “Working for the CIA was the BEST JOB I’ve ever had! In fact even after I left the CIA, I compare every subsequent job to that one and none of them compare.” – CIA Specialist in Ongoing Clandestine Operations John Kiriakou

  3. "Intelligence agencies keep things secret because they often violate the rule of Law or of good behaviour."

    – Julian Assange.- Justice & Freedom for Political Prisoner Julian Assange Now!!

  4. Thank you CN for covering this event. I saw Max and Gabriel with Stella and Jennifer at the surround parliament event and it broke my heart. Every parent knows or remembers those precious moments with their children they are priceless but for Julian so many of those moments have passed because of an accusation. Julian is in prison and as a result he and his family are serving time for a case that under normal court procedures would have been thrown out years ago. Please do all you can to help this family. Jennifer you are great.

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