Jill Biden Compares Latinos To TACOS At ‘Latinx’ Festival | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar talk about the strange comments Jill Biden made about Latinos and tacos during a speech at a ‘latinx’ festival

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  1. So out of touch with people of color. This is so sad and degrading. White liberals, what can I say… and this is coming from a person that has a Ph.D.?

  2. She said unique as breakfast tacos are here in San Antonio. I’m not offended as that part is true. Breakfast tacos are a big thing here in SAT and if you live here, you know she was trying to be relatable to the city. I can understand a little more the other criticism about using LatinX. Bodegas? I’m used to white people mispronouncing words in Spanish. She’s not as cringe and to me she comes off much more genuine and charismatic so it’s hard for me to be offended by this comparison

  3. Indians – “I love Curry!”
    Italians – “I love meatballs!”
    Irish – “I love potato’s!”

    Politicians don’t use food to bait other demographics bc that would stupid, right? Just see us as people ( voters )

  4. im from the philly suburbs, not sure i would have known bodega if not for nypd blue, that show referenced one in nearly every other epi.

  5. When I began watching this I was wondering which one was going to bring up the Trump taco bowl tweet. Trump declaring how he loves Latino people and their cuisine is a big difference to Jill saying Latino people are as diverse and unique as a breakfast taco. Otherwise another spot on episode of B.P.

  6. The fact she uses LatinX says it all. The worst part is that already many partisans are making excuses for her.
    All these people are completely clueless or simply don't care at this point because they think we'll vote for them and follow them mindlessly.

  7. Latino here. It doesn’t offend me as much as other things. Here are some things that actually offend me:
    – Assuming i’m going to vote democrat because i’m latino
    – Not considering latinos real Americans
    – Higher Interest Rates on loans based on Hispanic names.
    And more

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