Jill Biden Says Hispanics As ‘UNIQUE’ As ‘TACOS,’ 39% Latinos Want TRUMP Over Biden

Democratic strategist Colin Rogero and president of Bienvenido, Abraham Enriquez, weigh in on the accusations of racial stereotyping First Lady Jill Biden is facing after a recent speech.

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  1. this segment shows the ignorance of the left. FLOTUS says something blatantly racist and they give her a pass and move the conversation to representation in the Biden administration. nevermind the fact that diversity in this administration is about pandering and tokenism

  2. I'm down with the struggle, just not the trap. They continue to talk about race instead of the issues. I live in Texas and can tell you without question, we don't want to make anything about race, nor do we want to be co-opted in with the Black Lives Matter movement or the open border chaos. The Dems don't realize how spiritual the Latin Community is or how aggressively anti religious the left have become. The mostly Catholic white Liberal leaders paint Hispanic conservatives as right wingers even though they're Catholic themselves, just proves they care more about their political affiliations than they do their own faith. Even if you're Latin and Pro Choice, when you see them pushing for abortion against their own belief system, it makes it impossible to trust them.

  3. jill looks like joe acts and now she's closing the gap with this one. While joe works to turn the us into a third world country, jill insults a community of people by calling Mexicans, "TACO BENDERS"…. I wonder when she'll get to the Watermelon and Fried Chicken.

  4. She could have said " as unique as the sunsets in San Antonio". But I guess since she mentioned Bodegas in the Bronx, she was listing what different minority groups are associated with, lol. Do all black people like going to Bodegas or is that just their only option in the Bronx?

  5. Just a reminder: the "Latin-x" stuff isn't for the benefit of the Latin American community; it's for the gender sensitive ppl, at the expense of Latinos. Most Latinos I've discussed it with consider it "linguistic colonialism."

  6. Latina here. These people are so disconnected. They are destroying themselves with their very own invention, identity politics. What a bunch of privileged, clueless, useless clowns. America better wake up or we will not be able to save this country from what really seems the inevitable right now. This administration is allowing us to fall.

  7. I am not interested in Hispanics representing me. Who should sit at the table? A Cuban American? A Mexican American ? Or a Puerto Rican? Neither. I am not any of those groups and they would not represent me, especially as a Costa Rican American. I find this discussion on Hispanic representation ludicrous and flawed. Yes, we share an common history with the Spanish Empire; however, politically we are diverse. I have no interest in a Democrat Latino to represent me, because I am a conservative like many in Latin America. Moreover, equity and representing is meaningless. I prefer a competent person to represent me, especially one with merit, who would address real class based issues. This is ridiculous. Latinos that keep pursuing this line of thinking will fail always.

  8. Does no one care about the flowers??
    Hispanics shop at regular grocery stores and everyone in big cities shops at bodegas.
    Talk to us as individuals and you don't have to worry about pigeonholing people.

  9. think Biden is worst Pres in my memory ,well after the Bush eras , however this is just nonsense I live in Mexico have a Mexican wife , my son lives in America is Mexican and this is not a slight this is just a political pandering. Give her a break . Just get on with getting this idiot out of the white house for real reasons and issues.

  10. The terms are what divides us. You're human first and foremost. Keep pushing transgender, latinx. They are words that divide people. Which is what both parties want. They need the votes.

  11. Robbie asked why the Democrats are having problems connecting with Latino voters. As a Hispanic voter, here is my answer. I DO NOT care about LatinX. (I don't know anyone who isn't an activist or politician who uses it.) I don't care about inclusion or anyone's approval of my food or culture. What do I care about? Jobs, reasonable taxes, safe neighbourhoods, police protection, good, safe schools, and not having to choose between filling up my car, buying food, or taking my kids to the dentist. I worry about crime and drug cartels bringing their wars here. So, here is why for the moment I'm a Republican (though I'm not too thrilled with them either.) Stop focusing on the pointless things that only make you look good and do something to help us in our day to day lives!

  12. These two pundits are ridiculous. And Bri is right. Play the separation ny race game and get bit in the bum. Talk about issues that impact everyone and everyone will be happy with you. And these two men trying to sell their wares as Latinos is the problem with politics bS listening to the real people who are not interested in Bs about diversity and more importantly tell me how you will help me not my cultural difference.

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