Jim Crow Joe | The Racist History of Joe Biden [Uncensored]

Written by Corn Pop


  1. You sure are a shameless propagandist, aren’t you?

    Let’s start from the beginning, just the first three seconds of your video. You show a much younger Senator Biden saying, “We already have a n…r mayor. We don’t need any more n…r big-shots.” But look! He’s holding some papers, and obviously reading from them!

    Turns out that that was in 1985 at the Senate confirmation hearing for one William Bradford Reynolds (R–LA), whom Ronald Reagan had nominated for US Deputy Attorney General. Reynolds had already served as the Reagan Administration’s main “Civil Rights” official in his “Justice” Department. He had actually been ruling against Civil Rights and helping to roll back the gains blacks had made. In one example regarding the redistricting plan from the aftermath of a Census. There were two plans: a plan to create a majority black Congressional District in Orleans Parish (called the Nunez Plan) and another that was promoted by racists to gerrymander the majority black areas so that they’d not be able to elect any Congressman to represent them. That plan was championed by then-Governor David Treen (R). Reynolds had helped approve that second plan, despite attempts of representatives of the black community to meet with him.

    Later, in his 1985 confirmation hearings, Reynolds claimed that he had met with the black representatives who’d testified that he refused to do so and passed the non-Nunez plan without even hearing their side. Biden asked him to name some of those representatives, and he was unable to recall a single one. Biden asked him if he’d had any input from Louisiana state legislators who’d expressed any hint of racial intent in going with the gerrymandered redistricting. Reynolds denied that that was the case. Then Biden proceeded to read a memo that had been sent to Reynolds by a certain rather racist legislator. That’s what Biden is reading from in your deceptively edited out-of-context clip. Here’s a longer version of that: — it even shows the front of the papers Biden is reading from.

    • The full 6½-hour hearing that day is here:
    • More info:

    Claiming that Biden himself originated that statement or even agreed with it is like unto calling King David of Israel an atheist because he wrote,. “… there is no God.” in Psalm 14:1 and 53:1. If you chop off the first clause of the first sentence of those two Psalms, he did! Context matters.

    Then again, this sort of thing is common among your side, and used by people a lot more famous than you:

    Why would your side feel the need to lie and deceive like that if the truth really were on your side?

    I’ll be back to tear apart the rest of this video in just as much detail. Got other things to take care of for now.

  2. I don't really care for either party but if someone says their not voting for Trump because he's a racist, then this video completely destroys the excuse for voting for Joe Biden (Aka: Jim Crow Joe)

  3. He is the poster boy for most rich career politicians. Which intelligent honest well intended young man says "hey I think I'm going to be a politician"? NONE. This is the horrible people that end up being politicians.

  4. Love how suddenly trumpists suddenly get all civil rights for minorities when they are faced with reality of loosing office. Trumps all for blacks? It's so clear now, if you need more time to decide who's side he's on, you have 2 months from today. 4 more years of this and it will be civil war and worse in this country. How many bullets will it take in your back?

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  6. Paula Deen said the nasty Nword, apologized, lost most of everything. Joe Biden uses several nasty racial slurs, never apologizes, is endorsed by celebrities that are " against " racism, loved by our first black president etc and goes on to run for president of our country. Trump is called a racist, although never being on record to have said anything racist, has done more for African Americans than most presidents, is picked apart every single day for every single thing he says and has " anonymous sources " claiming things he supposedly has said. The hypocrisy of the Dems, Libs and celebrities is astoundingly repulsive.