Jim Jordan Confronts Ex-Twitter Executive Yoel Roth Over Suppression Of Hunter Biden Story

At today’s House Oversight Committee hearing, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) grilled Yoel Roth, the former Global Head of Trust & Safety at Twitter, over the Hunter Biden laptop story.

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  1. When I seen this disgusting corruption that is going on in our government I and furious. These people in the FBI, White House and Twitter belong in prison. If all those people are not prosecuted we might as well give our country

  2. We don't need the federal government if all they do is go against the American citizen's desires! May YeHoVah God bless those in American government who are just! May YeHoVah God CURSE those people in the American government who are evil manipulative witches!

  3. Thank you Elon for exposing these scumbag Twitter employee's. I cant believe the FBI is out there interfering with elections, the FBI should really be under investigation. Are they even allowed to do that? They have power and what if twitter doesn't apply? FBI will be like okay that is fine, or will they raid the twitter employee's house? This is all around messed up, both are corrupt and evil

  4. How does Jim Jorden not understand that 30 days before the election Trump was still president and in charge of the FBI. The Biden campaign was not the Government.

  5. This really is this generations "military-industrial complex".. these social media and deep state forces are working in conjunction with each other to subvert our liberties piece by piece. They are side stepping the constitution. I wish more people understood this and were more angry about it and not seeing it as a partisan issue but an issue of a threat to our shared liberty.

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