Jimmy Dore 2024 Thoughts On The Role Of Third Parties And Can They Win

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Written by Hard Lens Media


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  1. Jimmy the point is to have a flawed person run for president, just be unapologetic about it and people will love it! Take a playbook out of Trump's strategy. Even if you're as perfect as anyone can be, they will still smear you and make up accusations about you

  2. If a true populist left candidate doesn't run, a populist right candidate will eventually get the presidency. That could be troubling because the populist right will always find a way back to authoritarianism

  3. jimmi. if not you. then who? who do you trust other than you. i feel sorry when i heard about your health problems. but fuck you anyway. if your that fucked up do it anyway cause your already stressed and fucked up. MAKE IT BETTER BRAH.

  4. Well though I agree with Jimmy about the beds still you shouldn't be an idiot and put yourself to an ICU bed. How about that? Howa about being an actual responsible grownup? As to the shots. If they're leeky fix them dam it.

  5. Only in the US was the vaccine said to stop Covid cause here in Canada we were given a little more nuance with correct statements that the vax would help suppress the virus not prevent you from contracting Covid. People who say otherwise were and are still misleading the public!

  6. Jimmy I think Geoffrey Sachs is the ideal president for a Third Party candidate. He has the courage, the intelligence, and the gravitas. Furthermore Sachs has a history of working for the betterment of communities all over the world.

  7. Jimmy, the 10% logic is from Ralph Nader's campaigning days. Today, in the example you gave hypothetically the dems rejected your request, king maker. Then you go to the Republicans… They are going to do the exact same thing, because your are a threat only if there's a chance of you voting with the 'other side'. Once you go to Mitch he will sniff out that you don't have a deal with the dems…Kaput!

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  9. Tulsi Gabbard does not have a perfect message but she has integrity and is always truly for the People. But they will focus on only her imperfections. Divide and conquer continues to work in this country.

  10. They're scripting a mental homunculus through the Presidency, delaying missions to visit the Middle East to give the failing shell needed rest. He can do it but Jimmy can't? Or, if not Prez, how about Veep? Or how about Jimmy doing a political campaign tour making stump speeches issuing the call for heroes of all pronouns to step up and run on the ideas he proposes. He could make it a contest to win the chance to appear onstage with his crew at a live show as a campaign launch event. And, if not Veep, how about a new Cabinet position, Secretary of Power Hearing Truth? Be the gadfly he is, but with power.

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