Jimmy Dore: Cenk Uygur & TYT Sold Out to Be Bigger than CNN

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Written by Status Coup


  1. Breaking Points with Krystal & Saagar has 125K Subs in 4 days and only only 3 uploads! Abbie Martin Empire Files has double the sub and viewership it had 6 months ago!!

  2. Yeah, I didn’t really pay attention to all the Force The Vote drama, but from what I gathered at time I was like, “Yeah, sure, have a vote. Downsides don’t seem different from the usual ??‍♀️”

    But my TYT & Majority Report viewing has been on a consistently downward trend, and TYT going after Aaron Mate who is a frequent guest on Katie Halper’s shows, (a woman I love but is not usually considered “extreme left” by anyone but nutjobs,) may have been my last straw.

    With that said, I probably watch Jimmy’s shows just as much as TYT at this point. I’ve always felt like he skims the homework rather than really getting into it—like on-air he’s reading things for the first time vibe. The thing Jimmy has that is his real selling point is his passion.

  3. Jordan, I have admired your reportage from the time you were working for TYT until the present time. I have information that should be made more widely published, if accurate. I’m a retired Palm Beach County Judge so I get no pleasure from reporting that our Circuit Court and DCA )District Court of Appeals) ruled in effect, that if George Floyd was being killed here and the cops said don’t record it, you could be arrested and convicted of a crime if you continued to videotape them. I have not read the decision. This is all according to the Palm Beach Post. Not a particularly accurate rag, in my experience. In recent years Florida has passed several horrible, snd in my opinion, unconditional laws.

  4. Jimmy Dore is right. ForceTheVote really proved what a fraud Cenk and Anna are at TYT. Cenk only cares about the 20 million the Clinton's gave him. TYT is as corrupt as MSNBC and CNN.

  5. TYT is corrupt like the Hill that has that sellout liar Ryan Grim. Corporations own TYT, which is as corrupt as MSNBC and CNN.

  6. Thom Hartmann was introducing Bernie Sanders to progressives on his talk show since sometime in the 2000's (2007?) Way before TYT became anything. We all knew Bernie from "Brunch with Bernie" on Hartmann.

  7. I wouldnt brag that Bernie conned you into his support. I did and it cost me my career in higher education which is in bed with neo-liberals. In 08 the conditions were perfect for progressives too. Donors will never let Dems enact policies that change the relationship between corporation and slave. Boycott Dems to give us a shot at new party. Whigs had to die to give us Republicans. Whigs were co-opted by slave economy so could not act on slavery. M4A is the slavery issue of our time.

  8. Jimmy Dore has turned into a raving lunatic who is so butthurt that he keeps whining and crying over the same stuff over and over. He still insists that there was no connection between trump and Russia. He had a Boogaloo Boy on and not only did he not confront his lies, he agreed with and sympathized with him. Dore lost it over Russia and has been falling deeper and deeper into his own delusions every since.

  9. Anyone see the TYT piece on the Syrian election? Ana goes something like, "oh, they go to Syria for a nice holiday paid for by the dictator, sit in their fancy hotel eating their free dinner and glance out the window and say, everything seems fine here". TYT might have taken down the "fuck you, Aaron Maté" clip, but they're still at it.

  10. NO JIMMY U are the one who lost control & starting saying "%#&&%^&%*%*&" words at Cenk. I remember dude. TYT has taken care not to give U oxygen & U can't stand it ! Listen to your cast again PLEASE; you are saying nothing.

  11. Jimmy’s 100%?as can TRUST JIMMY & JORDAN to tell the TRUTH.It’s nauseating to think about what’s become of Cenk & Anna, I was a member from like 07. Then with Shillary & Trump they ran off the road & never looked back. What a betrayal.I’m sick of the corruption it’s rampant every corner of our lives. Time for a Change is Waaaaayyyyyy Overdue. ❤️??✌️?♥️??luv U Both Thanks