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Written by Sabby Sabs


  1. Jimmy is a professional comedian, they say controversial things in the name of comedy. I worked for a large corporate restaurant before and there you will see actual sexual harassment committed by both men and women. People can be animals.

  2. Patriots, step up to vote 2022, we are under attack from the race baiters. We cant let them margenlize us. Step up, turn out in 2022, the turds want mass mailout voting still so lazy ass people can get someone to fill out ballots for them. Thats what happened in election. Vans drove around and filled ballots out for lazy project people. I speak raw truth, if they can, WE CAN. DONT LET THESE TURDS SCARE US BY TYRANNY OF BIDEN AND TECH CENSORSHIP. WE WILL GET BIG TECH PUT WHEN WE WIN HOUSE AND SENATE

  3. Get em dore, lol. Your our best ally, us trumpers respect you because at least your fair, u call us out and the others, even your side. Glad u got the young TURDS good this time lmao. Got emmmm

  4. I like u sabbysab, lol your funny. Im on right but hell, we all Americans. Lol. I think your kool, funny, straight up. You seem REAL which i know your saying, " DAMN RIGHT LOL "

  5. I haven't payed attention to their feud for months but I clearly remember Jimmy Dore starting the feud by attacking TYT (essentially turning on TYT). I thought it was stupid of Jimmy Dore to attack TYT since TYT is one of the biggest progressive channels on the internet.

    Everytime Jimmy Dore throws a progressive under the bus (usually due to disagreement in strategy) he hurts the progressive movement. And it is true that Jimmy gains a lot of support from Right Wingers because Jimmy does attack liberals a lot.

    Jimmy Dore is the one creating all this feuding, and I'm suspecting that it's not because Jimmy is trying be some revolutionary liberal; I think Jimmy is (ironically) throwing everyone under the bus for views. Jimmy's not helping progressives, he's gaining attention to himself by lashing out left and right.

  6. I haven't watched any of your other videos, and I may not agree with you on everything, because I quit playing their game. The left vs right, is just being used, as a tool, to divide us. They are terrified of us, if we unite. However, I do agree with what you have said here! TYT is a disgusting bunch, and they always were. I wonder how their followers feel, now? Will they stop watching, or will they defend them, with their double standards, yet again. Cenk and Ana have said many, many more things that are as bad, if not worse, than what was said here. I am so glad that people have the clips to show people, just how disgusting they are.

  7. Cenk had an endorsement withdrew from Bernie Sanders because sexual misconduct also denounced Cenk so did Justice Democrats, also Anna was the producer of TYT, illegal to continue show without notifying staff about Jimmy Dore

  8. I agree electoral politics is not the solution today, the right has had decades to infiltrate local and state elections and as long as so many local and state leaders are fighting against progressive change at the federal level we will not succeed its like how they have been plotting on the supreme court for half a century now and finally got the majority its the long game, nothing will be easy or fast, nothing worth it

  9. Not defending TYT but what Jimmy Dore did was pretty awful, like sexually harassing a co worker and then making a joke out of it is some creepy old dude shit

  10. An Ochlocracy (mob Rule) is not healthy for man kind anymore than a strait Democracy, History is replete with fruit from that tree, POISON!!! Right and wrong based on the antic referent is a supportable stance where as ambiguous FEELINGS are DEAD MAN WALKING! Camel toe is a fine example of conversations that would never have to happen if decency was observed by the “Crowd,” as opposed to the willful sloven that is intentionally crammed down the throat of decency… for advantage! And now, the half baked thinkers say: “I NEVER SEEN THIS COMING”

  11. Did you know Cenk was one of the first to say on his own show he found the whole chemical attack, only days before the US were about to withdraw from Syria, was very suspicious and a little too expedient? That is why they later invited Aaron Mate on their show because he had inside information and later even got hold of the original report of the OPCW. And then Cenk got 20 million $ corporate money and made a complete 180 degrees turn claming everything he had previously said himself was a complete conspiracy theory without any base. How much of a hypochrite can you be? This is how TYT operates, those who pay the most, will get their disinformation spread. BTW: you wonder why mostly guys watch your show… girl do you have a mirror? 😉 Greetings from the Netherlands and good luck with your show Sabby, subscribed!

  12. @SabbySabs
    I think the Clinton Machine & shadow people saw the massive reach tyt had & said we need to shut this down & either Cenk is a sucker & believes he was being backed bcuz someone saw how great they were or he agreed to be a puppet for them. Or I just feel like katzenburg aka Clintonite got what they aimed for…
    They Came , They saw, & their mission is complete bcuz they finally destroyed the most subscribed independent news media show on the planet!!!! For some reason it’s a tad bit obvious now why tyt was backed by these neolibs & neocons.

  13. Please don't stop voting. The 2 party system sucks. but it's the only power we got. If GOP gets their way, America will be an authoritarian one party fascist country, like Russia.
    Seriously, youre doing a great disservice by encouraging people not to vote.

  14. Electoral Politics? Garbage!

    Also, stopped watching TYT back in 2016. And I had to stop watching a LOT of shows after "force the vote". But it's nice to decover your channel! I'm subed!!

  15. Jimmy exposes TYT's lies. If they weren't corrupt, they would speak to his critique instead of attacking some random event from the past. How hard would it be for a news outlet to provide the proof they used to back thier reporting?

  16. When Jimmy Dore(real leftis) epicly sexally harrased Ana(stupid feminist) epic style was based! He destroyed the stupid feminist when he showed a video of them 20 years ago!!!