Jimmy Dore Discusses Fauxgressives

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In this clip, Jimmy discusses the fauxgressive McLeft whose only governing philosophy seems to be supporting the Democratic Party. Dore discusses TYT, Kyle Kulinski, the fact that Krystal Ball recently called out AOC, and the source of Jimmy’s rivalry with The Intercept’s Ryan Grim.

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Written by Primo Radical


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  1. We need to have more news about the dems so that we may vote them out in the primaries and clean out the progressive dem caucus and the party,i am sick and tired about hearing another goper doing this or that if i wanted wanted to find about them,i would watch msnbc or cnn.

  2. What solutions does jimmy have? The peoples party? Start twitter beefs with everyone for clicks? Sell lets go brandon gear on his website? I used to love jimmy i think covid and money broke his brain. Jimmy loves Jimmy.

  3. Jimmy is always all over the map badmouthing everyone and everything, he calls himself a comedian , so I take him with a grain of salt, people should study what Ross Perot said , and everything he said has already came true. …. R's & D's are a duopoly now.

  4. I've subscribed, I've clicked the bell, Youtube, please, stop suppressing the truth and disappearing important voices for our democracy. There, i've asked nicely. When nice doesn't work, people resort to other means.

  5. Saagar and Krystal has called out AOC before, I just think they have a different style and pointed out different stuff that you do not, Jimmy. I love you Jimmy, and when you are hot on a topic you are the best, but sometimes I have to turn you off!!!!

  6. Why is it that none of the people I watch, read- go to for news, all people who are interviewed here on this channel, why is it that NOT A SINGLE ONE of them have exposed AOC for who she really is? Like Obama, EVERYTHING we were told about her is a lie. Her entire identity is a lie. Why is it that this is not common knowledge? Not only should who AOC ACTUALLY is be covered and made known, but the people who brought her to us helped create her. They KNEW what they were doing. Kyle and Cenk are obviously in on it. Cover it!

  7. It makes all of the sense in the world that Justice Democrats ended up being spineless cowards, seeing as how the people who started them (Cenk and Kyle) are themselves, spineless cowards.

  8. The reason he hits a nerve is that he's working class. The middle and upper classes look down on Jimmy because of his class, as they get every issue completely wrong because they're out of touch.

  9. Overall management seems to not care

    Ramp Agent (Former Employee) – Billings, MT – May 7, 2020

    This job reminds me exactly of why it is important to have a union in many jobs we have . The station manager obviously has his own interest above everyone else's. Isn't capable of showing anybody that he genuinely cares. And does not mind berating employees in front of the entire group. Many of my friends and coworkers quit this job because of these main reasons. Any attempt at moving up in the company requires you to be a part of the good ol boys.

  10. It has no flying benefits

    Ramp Agent (Current Employee) – Allentown, PA – April 21, 2020

    It’s said for all the hard work being done new employees won’t get the benefits that others have. Most of the equipment is old and outdated. But coworkers are very good to work and will trained you well.

  11. Great co-workers

    Ramp Agent (Current Employee) – Honolulu, HI – April 21, 2020

    Poor management , unorganized, favoritisms, Management will make up a lie to get you terminated. They cut benefits so it’s not free no more. And you fly on the bottom of the list now so it’s even harder to get on flights.


    Co-workers are awesome


    Poor management and favoritism

  12. Not happy with this company

    Ramp Agent (Former Employee) – Charleston, SC – April 20, 2020

    Not a good work place. Management is very bad a leadership is very bad workers treat you bad they make you feel not appreciated all the time. Never work there again

  13. Stay away managers are bullies and show favoritism towards their friends. No leadership and good ideas are.never listen to.

    Ramp Agent Supervisor (Former Employee) – Ft wayne ,Austin Texas – April 13, 2020

    It is very hard to have worked with a company that has no integrity and Is corrupt from the bottom to the top . Human Resources Rep do whatever the want and always blame the worker instead of forcing mgmt to do the right thing. If you want any bit of honesty Stay Away from this company!!!!

  14. Not good

    Airline Ramp Agent (Former Employee) – Portland, ME – April 7, 2020

    Rather undesirable place to be associated with. Flight benefits were slashed after a holding company purchased a majority stake in company stock. The company is the step child of delta airlines.

  15. Need better benefits

    Ramp Agent (Former Employee) – Akron Canton – March 31, 2020

    Job is cool need better pay n flight benefits need to hire more people for work flexibility. I did not like working a job 3 years and I wasn't able to advance in the company.

  16. Not a very good environment to work in.

    Ramp Agent (Current Employee) – Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN – March 31, 2020

    Not a very good environment to work in. The administration to treat the employees very respectfully. The worst condition was very intense and hard. Expectations for the employees is not acceptable.

  17. There are people that tell the truth,and they care.They do not hurt or exploit others in the process.I am speaking
    about Caleb Maupin, Michael Hudson,Gov Ventura,Tyrel Ventura,and others.I have seen Mr.Dore,many times,scream
    at his guest speakers,and openly
    ridicule them on Mr.Dore's Show.People
    have said that they agree with things that Mr Dore says,but they do not like him as a person.I Cannot listen
    to Anyone that degrades others.

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