Jimmy Dore: Even ‘progressive’ Democrats abandoned workers, while bailing out rich

Jimmy Dore discusses how the Democratic Party abandoned working Americans in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, and makes the case to force the vote on Medicare for All.

Excerpt from The Grayzone livestream on December 19:

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  1. The irony is that people who impugn Dore for not have a diehard leftist exclusive following reveal themselves to not be particularly leftist themselves being against #forcethevote. And the establishment having that critique is laughable as well. Same with their opinion of Rogan, as they put Republicans on their teams, invite Republican speakers to their 'liberal' conventions, and shake hands and play nice with people like McConnell. Smear the messenger, silence the message.

  2. You’re right Jimmy. I think it would be great, however, to let your guests speak and complete their points. Otherwise, why bother having guests? Your rants are powerful but repetitive, and a conversation should include the others.

  3. Do you want the #USA to become a friendly country, where everyone's life is valued and everyone enjoys a decent standard of living? That won't happen until you do something that stops the profits of the capitalist ruling class and thus forces them to do what you want, e.g. by organising a huge campaign of civil disobedience like the one that forced the U.S. govt to end the Vietnam War. So please join us in building the #GeneralStrike, like how the people of #France saved their old age pensions in January 2020:

    Please sign & #share:

    An interview about direct action:

    This link has 8 videos on how to build the #GeneralStrike2020:

    Interactive map showing current strikes in the #USA:

    #NeverTrump #Medicare4All #Homes4All #FreeCollege #GreenNewDeal #JobsNotWar #RaiseTheMinimumWage #BlackLivesMatter #HumanRights #WorkersRights #WorkersStrike #RentStrike #NotDying4WallSt #NotDying4WallStreet #NotDyingForWallStreet #WorkersOfTheWorldUnite!!!

  4. Talk about converting folks to the progressive platform… which one of these people has been on Rogan’s show? All these pearl-clutching “lefties” need to sit down.

  5. I wonder how many people are organizing guillotine crews and erecting those devices right now, to take to DC, or to their so called representatives in Congress, or to Wall St., or the major media outlet headquarters, or even to the wealthiest neighborhoods in their respective communities, to show that they mean business?

    What do YOU think?

  6. It really is simple:
    Should the squad get something(s) for their speakership vote?
    What single, central policy issue that is the most popular, relevant, and necessary, would be the best to force to a vote to galvanize and promote?
    The obvious answers are:
    Yes and M4A.

  7. Jimmy Ilhan’s no credibility as a grass roots activist. AOC is correct.

    And Jimmy has made over $16,000 in two weeks on videos alone.

    He’ll be fine when he calms down and stops smearing, lying, and hating on AOC.

    “AOC is between you and m4a M4A.”
    – Jimmy Dore.

    Thats a total lie. Another outrage culture smear job.

    Look guys solidarity isn’t happening this way. Jimmy is polarizing the left.

    There’s no cheat codes. We have to do the hard work. I wish you understood that instead if this performative shit.
    But it makes bank.

  8. Excellent information. Much appreciated. It is confounding to see money junky scoundrels so cleverly distinguish themselves against same kind, block any hope of healthcare, & made a primary gathering look like “they shoot horses, don’t they?”

  9. do you guys notice how dore is partially mimicing trumps mannerisms? everybody sees it, everybody knows it while in reality its only a few loudmouths that see it his way… you know the difference between online politics and reality

  10. The US has only one political party and it is the CAPITALIST PARTY wit two factions competing in elections to get into power to serve the deep state. Its all an ilusion spinned and re-inforced by the media. There is no point in perpetuating this farce, they are all militaristic lunatics. The working class is so brainwashed that they don't even know that they exist and fight each other on racist, religious and false nationalism. The seeds for a total collapse are already planted.

  11. Bravo Jimmy. I defend him wherever I can and I especially went to TYT to tell them what I thought of Cenk's attitude. I was glad to see that TYT had less viewers at least for the show I saw. It's not a question of opinions but of civilisation against barbarism. And Ana had the cheek to say another prominent fairly agressive anti-war lady – I forget her name, Tulsi Gabbard? – was not a progressive. Tulsi may not be all that good but what you say about Ana is appalling.

  12. The greyzone it is degrading it self by having this YELLOW call jimmy it is notan stand show i thought that they were thru journalist in this channel my Humboldt opinion