Jimmy Dore Gets Smeared By Emma Vigeland For Going On Tucker Carlson

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Jimmy Dore Gets Smeared By Emma Vigeland For Going On Tucker Carlson

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  1. Jimmy criticises the Dems in an honest way, unlike right wingers, and Jimmy wouldn't have to go as hard on the Dems if more so called lefties on YT used their platforms and held them accountable, unfortunately they won't, Emma is protecting politicians. Thats not her job. Do your job Emma and stop getting mad at Jimmy because he does a better job than you! Ugh, what an ignorant bad faith actor she is. These liberals are on the wrong path, they may get paid to go further right and appease the democratic party, but every damn day more and more people go further left, you know, the ones who aren't on some neoliberals payroll.

    Jimmy is popular because he's the only one who is smart enough to realise what a monumental waste of time it was to attack Trump all day, when the Dems were still up to their old shit. People on the left were sick of listening to the cringe fest that was Trump derangement syndrome. We wanted a break from it and Jimmy was the guy who provided us with that break and gave equal criticisms when they were due.

    Take a walk Emma. Shame on you. We can all see through your little game, even me, who lives all the way in Scotland. American liberals wre becoming such a joke and their dishonesty is apparent even from across an ocean!

  2. Tucker has the one show where he will have guests on who aren't the usual guest types, not just for Fox, but for TV news in general. If one person watching Tucker sees Jimmy and starts watching Jimmy on Youtube, isnt that good for Jimmy?

  3. nobody is perfect and u can find something u dont like with all the YouTube commentators …. at least Jimmy dire is doing something and not just talking softly which does not change anything…

  4. Lefties fail to see the irony in labeling everything anyone says fascist. Free speech is not important in their eyes. Lefties are attempting to impose their fascist ideology on anyone who disagrees as racist, sexist, homophobic. Irony, and IGNORANCE IS BLISS AND WHITE GUILT BY WOKE SUBURBAN SPOILED KUUNTZ IS A DISEASE.

  5. So funny how this administration doesn't care about our border or security or the fact that they are now interpreting the Constitution as the Congress needs to represent all people in every state legal or illegal with the tax based soul soul care system an education. Social Security that you pay is now eligible 211 million illegal what country in the world does this not one of them this administration's state

  6. But they have thousands of troops in Washington DC all of a sudden with fences and they make them sleep in the basement of a parking garage census security troops all in the capital not one arrest made.

  7. this guy is so disingenuous it's actually sickening. it really is true what they say that those people that are so tied up in their own ideology only hear what they want to hear. what reinforces their own narrative. because he so got the whole point of Emma's critique. not only here but her position over all and her reporting history. and i'm not gonna even go into the problems with Jimmy Dore. picking a few key points of his position doesn't do any meaningful look at Jimmy's contribution to the discourse any credit. the only take away from this video is the right's continual reinforcement of the repeated glossing over of stories that are much more nuanced. why is it that right leaning commenters feel they can't be bothered with nuance? it makes them all seem juvenile and remedial.

  8. Well also, if tucker is using Jimmy , Jimmy is using tucker , Jimmy knows trump watches tucker religiously and was trying a last ditch effort to get through to trump before Biden got in and the chance was lost

  9. For a guy who never shuts the fuck up about Medicare for All, Green New Deal, $15 min wage, strong unionization, pardoning Assange, free speech, and ending the wars, Jimmy Dore sure is going about his "far-right agenda" in a strange way.