Jimmy Dore: Joe Biden a ‘WARMONGERING, SOCIOPATHIC LIAR’, Media Owned by Military-Industrial Complex

We speak to Jimmy Dore, host of the Jimmy Dore Show. He discusses Joe Biden’s first press conference as President of the United States. He blasts Joe Biden for failing to deliver on a $15 minimum wage, $2000 stimulus checks and other campaign promises, attacks the US press for not challenging Biden enough, Joe Biden’s ‘incoherence’ over the crisis at the US-Mexican border and maintaining the occupation of Afghanistan and much more!

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  1. The only ones a 15 dollar minimum wage help is the central Banks while they steal the value of retirement savings. Causing them to have to sell property to servive. Yes Jimmy,we all want runaway inflation

  2. This is why the Dems party is off. Progressives and shills like dore pretending to be allies, the Black political Youtubers 90% of them are funded by the Dems political enemies and they have to follow a script to lie and be disingenuous concerning the Dems. They are made free/instructed to make it clear that black people are being mistreated by America but to put the blame/focus on their white neighbors, the people at the grocery, but never directly call out the Republican Party. You see, Progressives have a different agenda than real Dems (Homosexuality and Matriarchy) and real Dems are only Dems until they come into money.

  3. Commendable of RT UK to give Jimmy Dore a platform for his passionate thoughts be given to the UK. He’s so correct in his criticism of US government policies, whether they be Democrat or Republican.

  4. US is actually under a Totalitarian and Orwellian govt now. One can say that the US govt now are the REAL communists than those socialist countries that identify as communist.

  5. For those who have lived in Russia and especially China, they know these societies are more free, non-racist and safe than the US. What a turnaround!

  6. I had not gotten a stimulus check as Biden while I got a few hundred under Trump. Biden determined that the family of 6 making over 150k is not worthy of any stimulus, but he plans on taxing families making 100k another 4%. Who in the world is raising taxes during the recession, what sort of idiocratic government does that??

  7. did Jimmy ever come to his senses about Tucker? last time I watched Jimmy he was agreeing with everything Tucker said one minute but calling Tucker a racist the next …just to appease his fans

  8. There's only one reason to keep Western troops in foreign countries: to keep our streets safe. As for blacks and browns: if you don't wish to be incarcerated then don't do recreational drugs.