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Written by Sabby Sabs


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  1. Bernie is a disgusting con job. Where are all the tens of millions his supporters donated to his campaign so that he can let his good friend Joe win. Bernie is a fucking fake who pretended to be what he is not. Never trust him again.

  2. The "Medicare For All" guy is endorsing the guy RAISING the price of Medicare, and just as we're coming out of a pandemic and heading into a recession. This is what happens when Dems are in charge, they get away w/ causing harm way more easier and get way less pushback, if any. Dems are the more effective evil.

  3. The people at the bottom have to create their own systems, if you want to solve homelessness then organize people's owned estate industries. The people have a lot of wealth and manpower but they are caught in a lot of mystifying narratives set up by elites, if the fog can be cleared then the elites have no chance.
    The reason they are clamping down on social media hard is because they know social media is key to the average persons organizing

  4. There's a lot of defense contracting companies in the state of Vermont that's one of the reasons why burn it was never really realistic with his agenda all the things you wanted home where is the money going to come from?

  5. I'm a lifelong Green Party leftist. I'm also a Doctor and Medical Researcher. I am still horrified that the left drank the Covid Kool Aid. Especially attacking informed consent, promoting totalitarian lockdowns & mandates, blocking effective treatments & attacking doctors. I will never vote Green again.

  6. Yes…just like Bill Clinton and Obama had tried, Biden is trying to privatize Social Security. Right now, the stock market is a bear market, so imagine trying to use your Social Security to purchase stocks!

  7. I agree with you Sabby about AOC not endorsing Biden yet. She doesn’t want too right now so progressives will still vote for her in the midterms. If she wins she will then endorse him. It’s all theatrics.

  8. Some 'wild cards' running for POTUS, starting NOW, might make something move. I'd like to see Jimmy Dore and Scott Ritter run. Not for the 'win', but for the info that would come out that the masses might finally hear. Tulsi is running NOW, IMO. I don't agree with everything these people say. But some HONESTY and some TRUTH, certainly couldn't hurt.

  9. At this point, whoever Ro Khanna or AOC/Squad & Co. support ~ we should regard as a "Pragmatic Progressive." In other words, those candidates are people who say nice things, but will vote EXACTLY how Pelosi & the DNC Elite want them to vote. They are full of shit and should be ignored or actively fought AGAINST. Am I the only one who cringes everytime I see Ro Khanna being praised for doing nothing but going on Lefty shows and barfing bullshit? He's NOT special. He's a Neolib f*ckface.

  10. Ro has certainly decided that the most important thing is to be a member of the 'club'. ANOTHER sell out. ANOTHER POS that we wonder if they always WERE a TOOL, or if they changed their tune after they saw how nice being 'in' with the dark side can be.

  11. Nice episode. Most of the frustration are expressed online; however, I don't think we've reached the threshold. There are no protests in D.C. There's not even a floating YouTube unskippable 6 second ad with the message–"Don't vote for Democrats. Don't vote for Republicans. They don't represent you. Here's who they really represent-(flash stream corporate logos from various industrial complexes and too big to fail banks)." As long as we don't see that, perhaps things are not bad.

  12. AOC didn't give a yes or no about supporting Joe Biden because she knows her supporters do not want her to support Joe Biden and that's why we know AOC is a lost cause Bernie Sanders is a lost cause and the Democratic party is a lost cause

  13. Why would Jimmy Dore run in a corrupted system…the political system is broke…it's broke…how do you fix something that is broke??? Not working anymore. You replace it with a new system…
    that actually is working…its new and working like it's suppose to.

  14. Tried to share and got this:
    App Not Setup: This app is still in development mode, and you don't have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions.

  15. The minute WE allowed big money into our shaky political system it was down hill from then…money corrupts…your Politian's are now corrupted. You can fix this…it's broke people!!! We need a new system or you need to fix the system to work like we want…this system is broke.

  16. Now I know why I like Jimmy, not only is he for the people, he also likes R&B. The group that made the song let’s get closer is Atlantic Starr!!! Go ahead Jimmy!!!

  17. Rick Caruso: America's biggest private real estate owner, specializing in affluent LA neighborhoods & his mayoral platform is building homeless shelters + funding cops. A literal joke

  18. our politicians are celebrities and corporate brown noses. they don't even know how to govern a nation anymore. if a problem happens that can't be solved with a slogan or a photo opp they don't know what to do. we are screwed.

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