Jimmy Dore Makes Sam Harris Rage Quit Twitter

Since Trump’s election in 2016 Sam Harris has done an effective job of alienating his most ardent supporters by effectively transforming from an iconoclastic “free thinker” into a very pedestrian Trump-hating liberal like so many others. Now, to avoid the criticism of his own fans, Harris has apparently quit Twitter.

Jimmy discusses whether he’s responsible for the popular author and neuroscientist’s departure from the social media platform.

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  1. Every time I hear that Triggernometry guy say, "No no. Fuck the kids in the basement!", I cringe.

    Taken out of context, it really is the most disgusting thing you could say concerning this whole situation.

    And that's saying a LOT.

  2. Agnostic libertarian/conservative(mostly libertarian) here. Only topic i agreed with Sam was the dangers of religious dogma but on other things i always found him shallow and not very educated.Hitchens on the other hand who was even more radical in some topics(pro war, socialist) i found very consistent in his logic. He was well read, wise and very good debater, Sam and some other "atheist" thinkers rode that Hitchens vehicle for free thats for sure

  3. I know this won’t fly well here but I’m big Bill Maher fan even though I’m kind of the opposite of him now. I feel our politics are probably similar, our stance on religion is completely opposite which is probably what accounts for even though we’d almost agree on everything I’d never vote Democrat and he will never vote Republican. Either way I like him and don’t accept the narrative that he’s just going along with the recent thing. He’s always had a mind of his own and will always and what you think he’s wrong about he may be wrong about but he’s not lying or he wouldn’t tell Dave Rubin to go fuck himself he’s never joining your creepy cult that put Trump at its head while at the same time constantly saying shit that pisses of the left.

    Anyways all that to say I’m extremely disappointed in him having Sam on his show recently to do anything but castigate him…. He completely let him off the hook

  4. This liar Sam Harris is a typical sellout corporate establishment Democrat who thinks that Trump is the only problem and ignores the corruption and illegal censorship that the pro war Democrats routinely use.

  5. Sam's TDS is definitely a factor but there are some others such as him platforming Sam Bankman. His"apology" episode was not well received. Sam takes himself very seriously. He doesn't even use ads in his podcast cause he fears to be associated with them… And yet he gave away a 1 hour promo to Bankman while he refused to debate anyone on the vaccine stuff.

    I don't know what type of mental gymnastics he may be doing to justify himself. This is the guy who quit Patreon over Sargon of Akkad and Lauren Southern being banned.

    The one tweet which made me realise Sam had lost his mind was a few years ago when he said "Trump is always wrong. Even when he is right, he is right for the wrong reasons". I thibk this happened when the "current-thing" was the urge to nuke Turkey to save kurds.

  6. the way you deal with someone like Scam Harris is by repeating his phrases again to him, and asking him on the details, and then tell him "say that again but slowly" with the clear tone you did understood it. You have to make him feel like the biggest m0r0n in the planet without telling him he is the biggest m0r0n in the planet.

  7. I used to really like listening to Sam. I've always had some pretty deep disagreements with some of his ideas but I've always found him to be profoundly sharp and generally reasonable. I'm very surprised to see him say something like that. I'd be happy to hear him address this again after giving it some private thought. Not a good look though tbh. I do hope his friends try and reach out to him privately about it though. I hate when supposed friends and peers just turn on someone as soon as they gaff. It's not a right or left thing. It's really nasty whichever way it goes.

  8. JIMMY, i enjoy your work but when you brag about knowing the truth about the vx before the country ? please . you were telling your viewers to go get jabbed until it injured you . only then did you snap out of the covid spell ! stop bragging , it looks bad
    this doesn't mean you're not right now and good on you for opening your and others eyes

  9. Sam has something key missing, but he's clearly a smart man. He's such a good example of showing just WTF happened to people with TDS. It truly will be a phenomenon studied by future historians.

    If I can reflect on my own political biases and keep them in check, why can't these other "smart" people? I think it's some kinda cultural phenomenon surrounding narcissism and vanity

  10. Oddly, every time I've watched Sam Harris debate people of worth such as Jordan Peterson, even prior to him losing his ever loving mind, and thought to myself, "What makes this guy special?" I've always found his arguments to be very pedestrian and oftentimes illogical.

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