Jimmy Dore & Nina Turner Battle Aftermath

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Written by Hard Lens Media


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  1. She could have reached out and gained some respect from the opposition showing she had integrity but instead she decided to virtue signal to Nancy Pelosi. If that wasn’t despicable enough she shamelessly plays the race card.

  2. Anyone who believes there's a two-party duopoly, just does not get it there is no two party duopoly there's a one party establishment Monopoly and that's why voting Republican or Democrat makes little difference. If it's changed you truly seek you must address your grievances at the source which is Wall Street not Washington as Washington politicians are simple corporate lobbyist who take their marching orders from Wall Street until you address Wall Street nothing will fundamentally change. 10 years from now you can still complain about the same bubble gum b***** or you could do something about it and address your grievances at the source. Why you still bring up the Democrat and Republican paradigm might get you a lot of clicks but you and I both know nothing will ever fundamentally change. You can jump ahead leap and Bounds against every so-called Progressive issue or you could lead the progressive issues and concentrate on the true issues and that would be Wall Street the Puppet Masters of everything related to the Beltway

  3. Jimmy Dores house which is a thousand square feet might be worth a million dollars in LA but where I'm from a thousand square foot house you can buy for as little as $70,000 if Jimmy was as rich as people thought he was he wouldn't even have to do his show but the guy still works for a living.

  4. When you follow the same logic democrats use, on nearly every issue, the party and blue voters are equally or more guilty of breaching their own standard. One example being how the DNC now sees fit to donate to the most extreme republicans in order to create more beatable opponents. Maybe Nina should explain how pouring $$$ into republican coffers is any different from her bullshit accusations.

  5. She brought "race" to the table when it seems that Jimmy was pointing out the issue. Maybe a calculated wedge strike. Eyes should be trained that it's a class issue that has a tightly stitched "racial" component to it – to attack one is to attack the other

  6. Nina be damned, where is the unforgivable stance Dore is regarding Alex Jones? His recently dropped show touting the virtues of free speech with that monster Jones is beyond stupid. Jimmy actually believes in protecting the rights of the fuckers that scream fire in a crowded theater! I mean not literally but fuck man, nuance. Jones should be behind bars.

  7. I'm a lifelong Republican, also from Chicago. My father in law was a lifelong Democrat, worked for a union, worked on campaigns. I love Jimmy Dore because he's principled over partisan. I value being principled more than I value someone agreeing with me.
    You guys were right about the FBI and many of us have seen it for a while.

  8. Nina trying to put everyone in one group shows that she’s elite. If you rent or own, you have neighbors. We all live together down here Nina! We’re ok with each other’s imperfections! We’re neighbors.. We will work things out, like we always have

  9. The current historical relations in the US may be akin to European fascism but fascism in Europe shares nothing of the historical experience of violence in the US.

    This is important because if the Left is going to stand up and present to the American People, a left alternative to the alternative the right is proposing to the American people about the decay of American capitalism, and what to do about it, then the left has to speak from America’s historical experience which begins with the Missouri Compromise of 1820 put forward by the democrats to stop the expansion of slavery. This is also a point where socially the problem of blacks and people of color siding with their oppressors as in General Austin to Nina Turner, and black people today voting democrat, can be constructively changed because the history of the democrats is a history of compromises with slaveholders from 1820 forward into the 20th century to now.

    Jefferson Davis did worse than Trump, he created a secessionist movement and an alternative government seated in Montgomery Al to act as a national government replacing the government in Washington D.C.. To Davis the US Constitution of 1787 belonged to an enemy. The secessionist slaveholders and supporters were already at war with the US government going on for 35 years and this was a matter who will colonize the west first. This 35 period is known as America’s Indian Wars. Lasted all the way into the 1970s and Leonard Peltier’s imprisonment. From this historical experience Pentagon officials refer to the Pentagon as the “Reservation” after all the relocation of natives to reservations. Smithsonian houses all the bones of native Americans killed during this 35 year long period is a museum of a holocaust. If anything Hitler got the idea of extermination genocide from the American Indian Wars.

    The Supreme Court partial to slave holders ruled slaves can cross state lines and the democrats came up with the idea of State’s Rights, presenting a compromise that left the question of slavery up to the settlers in the states., the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854. Slaveholders were burning farmers and ranchers, settlers out of their settlements to get them to vote for slavery. This is the beginning point of violence as a tool of persuasion or American terrorism. This act repealed the Compromise of no further than the Mason-Dixon Line can slavery go.

    At the same time democrats were dealing with the first wave of European settlers and immigrants arriving in droves on the east coast and made western lands federal to sell cheap to accommodate new settlers.The immigrants who came were working class Europeans with skills. They furnished the labor that built the east coast cities and this working class largely German, Irish, Scottish, Swiss, French, English, Italian, gave rise to an American real estate oligarchy still at large today. Carnegie, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Trump, the Catholic Church, Harvard, NYU, Columbia University, are all large scale landowners. This is beginning point of racist violence in America among the first working classes to come to America.

    The Left must also speak to the Spanish southwest of the US historical experience and know that history still shapes that region with origins in the Spanish Conquest of Mexico in 1519 to speak to America’s immigration problem. Finally, the left cannot be a socialist left, it has to be a distinctly American left that disavows its form of violence that dates back to Abolitionist Movement and culminates into left terrorism in John Brown. Using violence to fight violence is flat out wrong. it must speak to native Americans, native Central Americans, native Afro-Americans, in their analysis of the democrats and the Washington Establishment as the heirs of a Revolutionary War of 1776 as a slaveholders rebellion as a break away to the inevitable outlawing of slavery by England that came in 1807.

  10. You’d spend your time more constructively to produce a video to convince me I am part of a system that does not work for me. How about you convince me why the system I am a part of, does not work for you and win me over to your side. Me hearing why the two party system does not meet up to your standards will tell me you and I are on the same page and that would be reason for me to vote for you. Give me a party I can vote for other than the two limiting my choice.

    When people awaken to the fact the ruling parties and social class despise the people with arrogance I might add we will be looking for an alternative that is at the moment nowhere to be found.

    Years ago the “My Rent is Too Dam High”, party got on a ballot in New York, they were ridiculed to oblivion, but it was a a legit party people could vote for. If I saw a National Recovery Party or a Native American Party, I’d probably give them my vote, especially if they had a conscientious national program that expands social security, provides a real solution to the general crisis.

    Dore does not provide a political program. He does not defend SS or mentions it while republicans have for 85 years been chipping away at SS. An Anti-War Party with a program of reducing the US military and terminate the CIA, would catch votes.

    Talking like angels over pinheads is not going to form alternatives. How about you create a minor party presidential debate replicate the established debates and have Chris Hedges moderate live streamed. Money coming in divided equally among the participating debaters. Replace your chat boxes with a ballot box for the viewing audience to gauge where people are at politically.

    America Has Talent does this why you? Call it America Has Alternatives. The name is not important. Dore is a great satirist much like Frank Zappa. Nobody was safe from his critiques and that is where Dore should remain not raised to a level of a leadership.

    It is not probable but it is possible that Dore himself could be mole as can be or most likely Turner is a mole generating this rift…after all she is a Cop. If a doctor sits on the board of medicine is he not a doctor? Same applies to Turner on a board of Cops.

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