Jimmy Dore on Rogan, Covid & Death of Free Speech in US

The CEO of Spotify has spoken about the company’s decision to retain the Joe Rogan Experience on their platform despite the calls to “cancel” Joe Rogan over the unpopular or forbidden ideas of some of his guests. Jimmy Dore of the Jimmy Dore Show joins Scottie Nell Hughes to discuss. He says Neil Young “looks like a hippie but talks like a fed” and characterizes the anti-Spotify crusade he began as “rockers for censorship.” He says that “the answer to bad speech is better speech” and that censorship is never advisable.

President Biden is in New York City speaking with officials about rising crime and announcing his “National Ghost Gun Initiatives.” Using these untraceable guns without serial numbers in the commission of a crime will henceforth involve additional federal charges to more harshly punish criminals. RT America’s Natasha Sweatte reports. Then “Watching the Hawks” host Tyrel Ventura and conservative commentator Melik Abdul join Scottie Nell Hughes to discuss the Biden administration’s gun control efforts and perceived softness on crime.

Plus, Canadian attorney Dimitri Lascaris joins to discuss the possibility of a looming military crackdown on the “Freedom Convoy” that has disrupted life in the Canadian capital for days and sharply divided opinions across North America.

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  1. You want to curb gun or any other violence then stop the poverty, division and poor education in our population. Stop making cops and military instant heros. Stop stealing all our money for crimes abroad. Lying ass politicians and corporate pork.

  2. The more the media turn to the truth the globalists narrative will crumple. I believe they will back off and then bring out another virus or something else. Schwab is already talking about a cyber attack. He say's it will make covid look like a small ripple. The globalists want full control for their evil agendas. Any cyber attack they use it will be to crash bitcoin etc. So we are stuck with their One world currency. Pure evil!

  3. Thanks for your acknowledgment of reality… now what happens? The system is rigged, with a government within government and we the people used as products and instruments for a sinister ‘greater good’ selected by the few…

  4. What the hell, you defund and neuter the police, open the prison doors, and free convicts. So then Dems blame guns. They want to take all guns or make it impossible to get ammo.

  5. This isn't really about censuring Rogan specifically. It kinda of is….but even more importantly it's about showing everyone the pain of going against the narrative so that everyone else thinks twice before doing that….making them self-censor.

  6. Fun watching the left attack Joe who has never voted republican and supported Bernie. Yup, that is just a wonderful idea. Don’t suppose anyone thought through the idea that Joe with that massive audience of his, could be a huge benefit to their cause.

  7. Not sure why you would call it "death" of free speech, death implies previous life, and you be hard pressed to proove that you could ever express a rebellious opinion in the US (for instance about jewish power)

  8. Jimmy Dore is the real deal. If you want to test if someone is truly independent, just mention his name, their reaction will immediately give it away if they are just regular dems masked as "progressives".

  9. This man is amazing ! We need the end of the pyramid system of slavery. As long as we live in a pyramid system we are all slaves. No one can defeat the pyramid system this is why an enlightened Prophet led his people away from the 1% pyramid system of slavery. We need a new system without hierarchy and division.

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