Jimmy Dore On Tucker Carlson: The MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX Is America’s Greatest Enemy

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby weigh in on Jimmy Dore’s comments about the military industrial complex being a bigger threat to Americans than China. #pentagon #militaryfunding #defensespending

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  1. Jimmy Dore is 100% right on this issue. Our government labels China as our biggest geopolitical adversary because of their increasing global influence while the United States has been engaging in reshaping foreign countries for decades. Yes… China has been involved in many nefarious actions. Maybe the answer is to put more energy in defending against those actions and retaliation in like, not suggest that a military exchange is inevitable by 2025? Will our involvement in defending "Democracy" in Ukraine even be concluded by 2025? Not if escalation over peace is our policy… and right now, we're ALL IN. Save us all some pain and just PUSH THE BUTTONS ALREADY.

  2. I know Jimmy's time is limited. But do wish he would include "War is controlled by yhe military industrial complex, which is owned by large investment firms like Blackrock, State Street ect, bassicly the extreme rich, these are your enemies. They don't care about you"

  3. Is Tucker Carlson an influential FN staff members who is able to invite guest commentators to especially those who could speak up their own views that are usually contrary to the FN’s narrative

  4. WHAT IS WRONG ABOUT BEING "LEFTIST"? You VOTE for a President thinking that he will take care of the PEOPLES, this is NOT BEEN SOCIALIST these FACTS that is been IGNORED for years in the USA.

  5. Weird that the Hill cut the interview to just show one clip. When the whole interview is important for the whole world to see. Because America is the world's terrorist. And then for Bri to compare Russia and Israel which have literally nothing in common. Russia claimed back the territories that were always majority Russian whereas Israel took territory that actually was populated by Palestinians, to kick them out and move in Jews. 2 totally things. She's an idiot.

  6. Briahna is so nauseating. No one is pining for war with China. No one. They just want for America to stop bending over and grabbing its ankles when it comes to China. We had a President who was working towards ending the endless wars, holding China to account and actually guarding the southern border and you people – Briahna – helped drive him out. I have no doubt the so-called Military Industrial Complex was a force behind getting rid of the 45th president.

  7. Jimmy Dore might be a leftie but he doesn’t mince words when it comes political corruption in this country. The lefties that know the truth are just too scared to speak out so as not to get canceled.

  8. Every Govt is inherently Authoritarian, they have to be in order to enforce laws. What happens when you stop paying property tax? The Govt sells your property. That's Authoritarian. Since China lifted the Zero-COVID policy, 60,000+ old people died from COVID, some people lost both parents/grandparents back-to-back, and hospitals are overwhelmed with old patients, exactly what China's Govt tried to prevent. It's easy for you to pass judgments when you're sitting at home in front of your screen. In Chinese culture, old people are treasured and respected.

  9. I think there’s lotta on here disconcerting ideas have always been welcome on Fox. Unlike liberal college campuses, MSNBC CNN. I think people on the left need to realize the people on the right aren’t their enemy and vice versa. I believe on core beliefs. We are probably closer aligned with each other then we really know however, it is the government and the big media outlets that like to keep us divided.

  10. HEY AMERICANS! You cant decide what China does and dont , They do what they want, its up to YOU if you want to have your company producing stuff in their country or not, .. China doesn't say what US should do and shouldn't do in USA.. So you should treat countries like you want to be treated .. Not behave like you are the KINGS of the WORLD. because YOU ARE NOT A KING OF ThE WORLD

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