Jimmy Dore & Russell Brand Discuss CLASS SOLIDARITY (clip)

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Written by Sabby Sabs


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  1. The left and right are fictitious entities and third party is also hopeless because it's ambition is to enter the Roman inducted political sphincter, which is not stationary on an XY axis.. it pivots swivels and rotates thoroughly and regularly.. political solution for Jesuit order fascism is completely absent from it's nearly 500 year history

  2. Street protesting in the USA is a proven fruitless ritual of jesuitism for slow Learners and newbies being led astray by inducted minions.. can we just say the right things online for starters? Stop being vague about where the Roman inducted immune hubris comes from and let's provide the proven successful and achievable solution plan? The answer is blowing in my name

  3. It's not just Left/Right (whatever those things are). It's also the Culture War. Racial unrest. Sex discrimination (Men are now being actively suppressed). All of these things and more are used to keep us at each others' throats.

  4. Fred Hampton said it doesn't matter if the capitalist is white black Chinese Jewish whatever they don't share interest of labour class,he definitely wasn't a identity politics.

  5. I honestly believe msnbc has converted their watchers into a cult. I get more conversations from republicans, even Trumpers, than I do with my own former party members. In fact, usually, if I mention some good points from the other side, I get swarmed from the dem side. Its shameful. If you question any of their doctrine, your a right wing extremist, or a Trumper, they can't smell their own shit on their knee's, as Marilyn Manson would say.

  6. There's an old film called Matewan regarding capitalists and unions. Im a WV girl, coal companies used to pay with script. It could only be spent at the company store and the prices varied with the coal rates or greed. When the miners started to unionize, the company got the private security agency of the Pinkertons to go and pretty well harrass the workers trying to unionize, and it ended up in an all out shootout on the streets of Matewan, its pretty interesting, its got James Earl Ray on it, in his younger days. Were not to far from being back at square one, companies attempting to pay their employee's with a pre paid debit card, whose to say they dont just not pay them if they find out about them attempting to unionize, corporations have been playing the long game and were just playing checkers.

  7. On the eve of the military operations in Ukraine, Putin gave a speech. In that speech, he called the US the empire of lies. He was referring to US politicians not the American people.

  8. Jimmy and Russell….and all our politicians DO have class solidarity.

    that's why Russell calls Democrats "the left" (like Rush Limbaugh did) and Jimmy threw his anti-Sanders tantrum in 2020.

    you pay their taxes, folks.

  9. My take is we should consider moving away from propping up Parties. Every group thinks theyre in the right, especially in the beginning. But as we see time and time again, people who become heavily aligned with a particular party begin to forget the People-centered vision and get corrupted. I have my doubts about Nick Brana and Peoples Party ideas and I dont think it's the right way to go. I think a lot of otherwise interested conservative types ( who so-called progressives need to win over sometime) will be put off by the name itself because to them it could be reminiscent of communist govts.
    I.m.o, a more accessible option is to encourage people to LEAVE their current left or right Parties altogether and re-register Independent.
    (Repost from subcomment)

  10. The corporate oligarchs wants the working class to stay divided so that they can stay in power. If the working class unite, then the Elites can't take advantage/exploit the working class. This poses a threat to the corporate oligarchs.

  11. Majorie Taylor Green tweeted :
    June 18, 2022

    " If we really care about the 1st Amendment then we should care about Julian Assange. Freedom of Press is the protection of the ability to expose the truth and publish it ".

  12. I have had over 32 jobs in my life including 2 union situations. People are divided to an almost atomic level. Even the union leadership and the union franchise were staffed with company butt boys. Even average employees are a spectrum of selfish actors. Some are terrified of change or management. Many have Stockholm syndrome. Many are right wing sycophants. Some religionists think that God forbids unions. Most younger people just don't give a shit and are too busy smoking pot to care about their future or their coworkers. They ALL hate their employers, but have absolutely no sense of the concept of team. Most of all, many of them are sadistic assholes who will knife you in the back for a quarter.

  13. Here’s my issue: we are supposed to unite amongst class. I agree so maybe stop having people like Jackson Hinkle and Joe Rogan interject their socially conservative opinions on everyone. It’s not hard. But the moment they let it be known that they are exclusionary, they are acting as the detractors/ops.

  14. The use of labels (capitalism, socialism, etc) without context is another powerful tool for the media and establishment. Too many people make their political decisions solely based on where they fall on the label list. If you are a "capitalist" you are supposed to be 100% capitalist in every circumstance, same thing if you are a "left" or "right" winger. This works for people because it's a LAZY way to think about our society that only requires you to sign up for a team that does all the work for you rather than thinking about one idea at a time.
    There is no such thing as left or right. What's the difference between a broke minimum wage MAGA person and a broke minimum wage BLM supporter? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! And yet we are tricked into becoming enemies while our actual enemies walk out the back door.

  15. Democrats (the fake left) divide the country into warring factions: Black vs white, gay and transsexual vs straight, female vs male, urban vs rural, college educated vs non college educated. We on the real left focus primarily one just one dichotomy: ordinary workers vs the economic elite. So, of course, we are willing and eager to talk to Boogaloo Boys and Trump supporters, looking for common ground. We are uniters not dividers. We want good jobs, universal healthcare, and safe working conditions for EVERYONE.

  16. Sam Seder was actually on board with FtV at first. (It's how I first heard about it.) He even said he didn't like Jimmy, but it was a good idea. Then he did a complete 180.

  17. Unions make it easy for the cabal, only 1 or 2 people to pay off or assassinate. Direct vote, 1 person 1 vote scares the bejeesus out of them. Please don't be fooled,…again

  18. If you're talking about the Progressives and centrists, or gop and Progressive working class. So unite the working class on kitchen table interests. Congress are one party. Unionizing is the one good thing. Workers not left and right…WORKERS!!!

  19. I hear what you're saying about the conversations that need to be had by people from different perspectives or ideologies, and I agree, but then I've seen videos of you clout chasing Breaking Points or Kulinski or whomever. Even if y'all agree on 95% of shit. Most people (especially anyone who makes money of UTUBE) loooooove the inner fighting for the gen pop. Until the bitches move past this, nothing will change.

  20. For of there using every lie they can against life as a weapon against humanity for of God can't save us only darkness can we need more people to come on to the Truthers path hard to do tho you have to over come fear
    Ty for sharing my beautiful spirit sister awesome show y3 ty spirit brother's 🌳🌱❤3love TRUTH is are power y3 are power we trust as we heal are inner youniverse of darkness peace as we fight U.S. n U.K. 👹 hate together

  21. No.. more precisely the democrats want to make it seem like they are for the worker, because they don't want to lose the workers agreement to speak for them in the limited way the democrats want to. Otherwise workers would ask for more.

  22. All corporate wallstreet neo-liberal moderate centrist and conservative Democrats are really just republicans wearing a blue democratic coat and it's time to vote for a third-party to the left of the democratic party

  23. I refuse to communicate to people that would advocate or vote to take my rights away like body autonomy. Transgender rights or marriage equality rights or a women's right to and abortion, economic rights, health care rights, housing rights, and I'm against a theocracy and Christians

  24. This is why I've become an independent socialist and will never vote for republicans or Democrats, and if you want to make a real impact boycott every global corporations and republicans and everything that is not small local community businesses 70%of the American economy is consumer based which means we own the economy

  25. What is needed is an immediate threat like what happened with Chris Smalls and Amazon or Starbucks. Here it's factory farming and industrial agriculture and the draining of our finite aquifers. Water is an issue that crosses the ideology divide.

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