Jimmy Dore Takes Your Questions

In this clip from PRIMO RADICAL: UNCENSORED on Rokfin, comedian and political commentator Jimmy Dore responds to patron questions regarding socialist thinkers, overcoming censorship, and Democrats’ push to legalize cannabis nationally.

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Written by Primo Radical


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  1. The Democratic Party is simply the ruling elite fed established billionaire oligarchy party, they will tell you and sell you whatever they need to keep themselves in power they represent them not you do not keep voting for these people because the media scares you into it because "Muh Not-CEEES" they are the problem not the solution.

  2. Jimmy is what the 60’s leftist were supposed to be, questioning the status quo, anti-war, anti- empire & pro-worker.
    All the 60’s leftists are now the biggest supporters of the establishment…so bizarre.

  3. Jimmy has some of the best answers on the Covid debacle in the entire country. People should really bring him on their shows to have a focused and thorough discussion and people never forget it.

  4. Marx is a rich kid telling others how to live same as the rich kids trying to tell the working class how to behave whilst touting to be "lefties", Lefties are not for the CIA, lefties are ALWAYS against war and ALWAYS against the CIA, anything else is bullshit.

  5. Big pharma and our government used the public as Guinea pigs pushing an experiment vaccine. So tragic the injuries that’s resulted from the lies.

  6. Did you know Jimmy the frankenstein who created moderna was caught in the street and when asked if he had took the needle he claimed he wasn`t allowed to , this is on camera , its body language was screaming

  7. You are one of the VERY FEW public figures who tells the truth about Covid. The other one is Eva Bartlett.. Same as about Ukraine..And thankful also to Max Blumenthal and Aaron Matte about Russia/Ukraine..

  8. I agree with Max B and Arron as a student who’s learned a Whole lot about out what they are Telling all of us! In 6 to 7 years it will be too late ⏰ on our Human Life for all of US! Keep fighting!✌️☮️👊

  9. Couldn't be more wrong about the green party. It is an international party centered around the defining issue of our times. Do they have problems? Yes. Are they still the best shot we have from an electoral standpoint? Yes.

  10. Primo radical? I’ll have to check that out as well. I live in Massachusetts so that’s not a bad idea for me right now . Jimmy dore tells you the truth to the best he can with no bull S$it from the beginning! Keep fighting Jimmy!✌️👍

  11. Labels and language generally is needed to facilitate action, changes we make to the world. Without labels, it gets very confusing and we're left in the situation we're in now. Just vast amounts of confusion while making no progress whatsoever. The task is to clearly define our ideas and win people over to them, and fight to implement them.

  12. It's not about who's a bad person and who's a good person. The problem with Tucker is that he lies, he slanders workers, he divides workers along racial lines. He blames problems in America on immigrant workers. He sows fear and distrust, undermining class solidarity.

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