Jimmy Dore – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

An honest and revealing compilation of Jimmy Dore. Highlighting his excellent work, and revealing some of his shitty opinions and behavior.

JULIAN ASSANGE tweeted this video out saying “This is brilliant”, right before his account was deactivated. When it was restored a few days later, the tweet was deleted.

— Jimmy Dore also tweeted in response to the video. He took it like a champion, to be fair!

— Articles were written about this video after Assange’s account was deactivated.

Read my article on MEDIUM for all sources, more information and discussion about the video:

I’m a big fan of Jimmy Dore’s work.

For a self-confessed ‘jag-off comedian’, he consistently delivers very high quality news, political analysis and media criticism at a time when once highly regarded mainstream media outlets vomit fake news and propaganda constantly.

The result being that Americans’ Trust in Media is at an all-time low.

I created this video — “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly” — to highlight all the great work Dore does. He often reveals facts and tidbits of information which are almost always correct (but often not referenced, leaving the discerning viewer to fact-check each of Jimmy’s comments if they so wish).

I consider myself a discerning viewer, so I’ve helped that process by verifying many of these claims in my video, and also in this article.

Do your own research!

But not everything Dore does is great.

So in the spirit of honesty and accountability, I have used this video to also highlight some of Jimmy’s shitty statements and behavior as well.

The great work Jimmy does far outweighs a few negative aspects but I want people to judge his work in it’s entirety.

Jimmy Dore’s affiliation with The Young Turks also hurts the perception people have of him. I’m no fan of TYT — I think they are a horrible propaganda outlet no different to other mainstream media outlets like MSNBC.

There’s some evidence to suggest TYT places pressure on Jimmy to conform with TYT narratives

(see Niko House discuss his interactions with Jimmy on Hard Bastard’s call in show, below).

Whether he does actually change his content to conform with TYT is a different story though (and apart from a few specific instances where I think he has done this, I think he remains independent in most circumstances).

I reckon Jimmy’s potential audience would explode if he ended his affiliation with TYT, much like Dave Ruben after he left the network.

But it’s good to see him often challenge the narratives that TYT pushes.

Enjoy the video. Links to all sources, along with additional information and links to additional sources is in my MEDIUM article:

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Written by Shuhood Khan


  1. Its disgusting the left hates American White , Black and Indians who call this land HOME, came legally as they try to commit genocide to eliminate the majority of Americans and replace with foreigners and islamics in the name of "diversity." The left are the RACIST and much be stopped!!!

  2. The ugly part I will defend but yes it's not nice and I have been spat on myself.
    I watched Alex Jones version first and thought you deliberately gatecrash TYT and deliberately stirred things up,which caused a situation!
    Ask yourself this if someone gatecrash your home and shit stir would you stop and think " hey I need to be polite to my uninvited guest "

  3. My fellow conscientious leftists ought to examine whether Dore's rhetoric "holding the corporate powers accountable" is worth it in equity vs the nonsense he spreads. From his false flaggotry on every event that transpires to his (possibly accidental, possibly not) shilling for dictators.

  4. I think the appeal of Jimmy is that he’s just a regular dude who is flawed just like the rest of us. Personally I would prefer to use my time listening to extremely intelligent people but to each their own I guess.
    Ya man aint that smart.

  5. Lemmings are everywhere, easier to go along to get along than to speak out or even roll your eyes at those responsible for what we are. That would be us the people. We can all pick up a mirror yet in my defense I use the phone for my weapon against the insanity. More are calling as I'm getting busy signals and full mailboxes.

  6. Glad he broke with TYT though I hope he can keep the miserable liberal and Ron. His piece on Natalie Portland was ill informed and his new assistant was not up on things like the miserable liberal who probably would have corrected him.

  7. To be fair, the last section of the Bad section is a satirical segment he does. There's a lot of shit he says there that is complete and utter bullshit and he says it to be inflammatory and comedic. But even with all of that, he's a helluva lot more honest than any other mf'er that brings us news. Even Philly D goes with whatever the mainstream media says. It's actually sad and the few progressive voices we DO have are being shut down.

  8. He's just a jagoff nightclub comedian in his garage with his jagoff YouTube show and still manages to do a better job than scat munchers like Chris Hayes!