Jimmy Dore Was Right On The Sell Out Progressive Democrats, Now What Comes Next

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Written by Hard Lens Media


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  1. Jimmy right Kit right Us progressive was promised 15 dollars a hour wage nationally M4A student loans forgiveness Paid sick leave medical debt forgiveness Not one corporate media outlets will bring this up and remind the progressive of there promises to the people HLM and Jimmy still today fight for 15 dollars a hour wage nationally paid sick leave medical debt forgiveness M4A You progressive remember how much time and money we pour into Jaypal AOC Cori Bush Illian Omar Etc They completely run from there promises Now they are in power and rich They gave us the middle finger and smiled while doing it Wake up

  2. I know people feel “third parties can’t win/work”, but there’s literally no option. The Democratic Party CANNOT BE REFORMED, and neither can the GOP. We’ve got to atleast try, what have we got to lose? Financial security? Mental wellness? We ain’t got shit as it is.

  3. Why aren't we supposed to be mad with Clarence Thomas? He should be held accountable just like the politicians Jimmy. If his wife broke the law, she should go to jail like everyone else. I don't get why he's sticking up for these extreme right wing judges that are literally ruining our country?

  4. I hope Jimmy Dore runs for President. The establishment will never let him win though. They will Tim Conova him with the voting machines if he actually threatened to win. What I want is to get Jimmy on the debate stage and let him go to work. This is not really about Jimmy in the long run. It is about what coward Bernie should have done. This campaign would be about waking up the masses to the corruption and getting people to stop hating their neighbors and start fighting our real oppressors, the corporate elites. We live in a inverted totalitarianism state as described by Sheldon Wolin. Jimmy can be our vessel to start a real worker's class movement. Plus, Jimmy being a comedian, the smears will not stick, especially if he handles them like he did with Ana Kasparian's metoo fake and weak blackmail accusations. He would be Teflon Jimmy way more than Trump was. I will volunteer if he runs and I am in a wheelchair ♿️. Plus, he has great people who will back and fight for him. Please run Jimmy! Let's fight these corrupt assholes together and build a real movement of the people!

    Jimmy Dore for President 2024

  5. Progressives must align w/populist conservatives. That's our only hope. Establishment Reps & Dems are the SAME – If you follow the votes (that media doesn't cover) they vote together. They choose issues to do political theater battles on for the press, but they vote together to take away rights, freedoms, expand endless wars & surveillance, and give themselves pay raises

  6. Jimmy is right about Nina Turner. She's only in it for the money at this point. If they had endorsed her, if she would have been elected to Congress, she would do NOTHING. Except collect a nice fat salary.

  7. Bing, Bang, Boom! Jimmy Dore telling it like it is, as he has done all along! Fighting for the working-class and the poor standing up to the DEM establishment and exposing the barrage of smears and propaganda Bullshit!

  8. Being devils advocate here but threats and bribery are the stock and trade of the death cult. Maybe we should get a witness protection program for these people and their families. Just have to wonder…..

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