Jimmy Dore’s Experience with Vaccine Side Effects

Taken from JRE #1687 w/Jimmy Dore:

Written by PowerfulJRE


  1. Can people understand not wanting THIS vaccine DOES NOT make you antivax. I had vaccines as a kid but I dont want or need this one. If you think any of this coercion is about covid go give your head a wobble. something weird is going on, no conspiracy, no wild theory, plain and simple this all doesnt add up.

  2. I've had the same stiff neck, lightheadedness, headache, nausea, brain fog etc, like Jimmy. I've had eye swelling and itchiness, face tingling and tingling down both arms to fingertips. It's affected my nerves, and has been unrelenting and debilitating for the last eight weeks, since the first dose of AZ vaccine.
    I'm following the i-recover FLCCC treatment plan too.
    It's depressing and distressing to have your health trashed.
    I'm not allowing it anywhere near me in future.

    See senator Ron Johnson's forum for sufferers post-Pfizer vaccine. Sufferers are a huge group around the world. Women are disproportionately affected, and all vaccine brands have produced the long haulers' syndrome.

    I'm a critical care nurse and pro-vaccine, but this Covid vaccine is not a vaccine in the traditional sense, but a biologically active agent.
    The spike protein is cytotoxic and a deadly weapon.
    It triggers mast cell activation syndrome.

    Nobody could be said to have given informed consent for the vaccine.
    We haven't been told the truth.
    The Australian state government health bureaucrats are all sociopaths.

    I hope that you're feeling better soon.
    Best wishes to everyone reading my comment.

  3. When Jimmy says it's nuts….it's really nuts!

    The crazies are starting to see what we're talking about….now we have to wait 10 yrs for it to sink in.

  4. America are such whimps now. Just look at there athletes pulling out the Olympics. Let's see how many Russians pull out for " mental health reasons " partisitation medal society!x

  5. ever since i had my first jab back in april ( astra zeneca ), i have also had a really uncomfortable stiff neck and it's not getting any better to this day!
    kind regards.

  6. My 45 yr old unvaccinated sister has covid right now, she got it from her fully vaccinated mother n law who has it much worse than she does. My sisters doctor immediately put her on Ivermectin, z-pak, zinc, vit c, vit d, Tylenol rotated with motrin. She said the flu was much worse on her body than this has been. Also she only had headaches and fever off and on for a few days and feels fine now, her mother n law has been severely sick with it for 2 weeks. I find that interesting.

  7. Moderna experience
    1st shot: didn't even feel the jab. Within two hours I was getting random waves of nausea, bad. Got progressively better over three days. Also that flu kind of tired of on the first and second day, old man sore the second day.

    2nd shot: felt the jab, not bad though. Again within two hours I became nauseous. Waves of nausea weren't as severe but lasted about a week. Tired as hell for three days, and old man level sore.

    All in all didn't seem too bad, barring I don't end up with a Grinch heart I think I got through okay

  8. When you’re on one of the largest podcasts in the world which airs on the largest networks in the world and you’re talking about vaccine side effects but talking about how you can’t talk about vaccine side effects because… you’re… suppressed?