Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Joke Biden! (The Analysis)

Biden’s Gas Crisis and the Tale of the “9000 Unused Oil Leases”

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  1. You’ve missed a chance to mention Biden’s unconstitutional eviction ban even after the Supreme Court ruling. Even his press secretary said out loud that Biden cares for the people.

  2. I can't express the anger or disappointment when I have to watch this man who doesn't deserve to call himself president. He's dishonest. He belongs in a nursing home. He thinks we are stupid and so do the people around him. The democrats are destroying America and if you voted for him, this is your fault.

  3. This guy is the most unfunny "comedian" I've ever seen. I didn't even like him back in the day. I still can't believe he's got a show, and even more shocked it's still on.

  4. Nothing funnier than the Special Ed school group clapping to Brandon's every pause. Also hilarious is Brandon constantly looking off to his right to read his prompt cards to be able to maintain a conversation that Kimmel is already spoon feeding him.

  5. with respect to unemployment, it looks a whole lot worse when you consider how BLS looks at things…. They're only counting people who are actively collecting unemployment. If you're benefits have expired, they no longer count you as part of the official unemployed figure, even if you're still unemployed. the ACTUAL unemployed figure is WAY higher than they're telling us. TL;DR: Biden is a supermassive liar, for even more reasons than we think.

  6. What’s worse
    No one calls him out?
    Bi racial couples… so your saying the government is brainwashing people to think bi racial coups is the way to go?
    What about Asians? Hispanics? Or do we have to wait u til the government decides what we should be watching on tv?

  7. "when was the last time you saw bi-racial couple in ads on tv" i only ever see a black man with a white woman in ads never one way or the other

  8. This is surreal. Kimmel had enough material to do Trump jokes for 6 years and he hasn’t found one thing to tease Biden about??? How do even liberals stomach this nauseating corporate democrat boot-licking?

  9. The DNC loves going on 'comedian' shows.
    The show's writers will give him jokes or easy lines to toss – and when he talks nonsense they can fall back on 'it is a comedy show not a news program'.

  10. How can Brandon say it's a growing economy when the hardworking people are making the same progress they always do, if not limited by his shutdowns and mandates. It's like my code isn't gonna write itself wtf he shut down a lot of stuff even Apple sent everyone to work remote, I bet it's gonna affect us with security flaws etc. People are lazy.

  11. So, Brandon, the bane of our existence is caused by the inflation of gas and food prices….the two things we can all get along just fine without? Damn Putin, and damn those greedy oil companies!

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