Jimmy Kimmel’s DISGUSTING Call To Let Unvaxxed Die

Krystal and Saagar respond to the calls by Jimmy Kimmel and other prominent media liberals to deny healthcare to the unvaccinated and let them die if they get sick

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  1. Generally enjoy the commentary. But I think they missed the mark on this one. If u have to triage treatment and pick patients, which is what Jimmy’s taking about, ideally you would take those likely to survive. Those with vaccine boosted immune systems could maybe do better so why not preferentially treat them if that’s true. However, if it’s not the case an an argument could be made to save those who didn’t voluntarily roll the dice. If we are all about freedom, medical autonomy, it does make some sense to look at it from the perspective where u knew what u we’re doing and rolled the dice and because you are the main reason hospitals are over run and this decision has to be made you go to the back of the line… sorry 🤷‍♂️

  2. How can you say that US is the only one that got divisive over the pandemic Saagar? 😂😂😂😂the day except for Britain and France, probably some of the worst countries. What about Australia??

  3. If a doctor has to choose between saving a drunk driver and doing a life saving cancer surgery is it really that hard of a choice? I would say we have enough scientific data to prove adults who don't get the vaccine are making a negligent decision just like the drunk driver. I'm okay with letting them make this decision if they accept the consequences of their decision. My job is slow because customers are fearing another lockdown and not putting in orders, the unvaccinated are a threat to my livelihood. We are also on the verge of burning out alot of valuable nureses and doctors, we can't keep forcing them to work under these bad conditions. I don't want hospitals to have to turn sick people away but how long do you try to help someone who won't help themselves? How long do we all have to suffer for a few reckless people? I won't live under COVID restrictions the rest of my life at some point we have to move on and what happens happens. If the un-vaccinated have trouble getting treatment they might finally realize the importance of the vaccine and lives might be saved in the long run.

  4. The little guy in the suit is hilarious, always being triggered by late night hosts while playing newsman but is totally fine with Joe Rogan telling millions of his followers to take horse dewormer for Covid. This country was never united so settle down.

  5. The way he goes on and on about how being able to deny people healthcare is a “libertarian fantasy” informs me he has no understanding whatsoever of libertarian philosophy, and also that he doesn’t talk to any libertarians: because no-one fantasize about it. A libertarian fantasy is buying ammo, guns and drugs at the local convince store after cashing my tax free check.

  6. It actually make sense. It’s just a fact that, those infected with COVID grabbing up medical resources. And refusing vaccination, crowd out the medical resources that other sickness need.

  7. How is people taking the vaccine being denied healthcare for medical emergencies because the ICUs are full with covid patience because they refuse to take the vaccine is okay but the vice versa is not. But I notice you didn't cover that point because it inconvenient to the point you are trying to make. And these Anti-Vax morons are the same people who spit on Obama care.

  8. There's also the fact that it's factually inaccurate to say the unvaxxed are putting the vaxxed at risk. How????? The vaxxed can transmit covid JUST as much as the unvaxxed. Why can't you say that !!!!!???

  9. I say this not as a threat but a word of warning. In certain places In the US, you can’t talk like that and expect everything to be cool. You start throwing out Herman Cain awards Or denying hospital beds to the wrong person and shit could go left. That’s why I believe a lot of this is a psyop to get people to act out.

  10. I don't know if they do retractions or updates on this account, maybe it's something they do behind the pay wall, but they lay this on the Trump administration, but they don't seem to point out Pelosis charade in February of 2020, or both Biden and Harris saying they wouldn't trust a vaccine developed under the Trump administration. I would argue they are equally to blame for the polarization.

  11. He is talking about what all librals believe in eugenics don't agree with uss your low class and deserve to die. Want to finish school and a baby would make that hard kill it. "Protesters" burn down a poor neighborhood. Mostly peaceful. Go into the capitol on Jan 6. It's like 9/11.

  12. Blaming Trump for the division. Lets Kamala and Biden off the hook, when they said that they wouldn't get vaccinated if Trump told them to. There is a lot of blame to go around.

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