Jimmy Responds to AOC Gate Keeping Medicare 4 All #ForceTheVote

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. The show is also broadcast on Pacifica Radio Network stations throughout the country.

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  1. it's so funny you literally see all these ads of congressman asking you to donate money to them because that's what's going to get them elected. I thought they needed votes to be elected, not money. What the hell am I thinking Jimmy? Am I stupid?

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your healthcare problems. Now I understand why you were pushing for Medicare for all. I still don’t agree that it’s the best approach, because government can’t do anything right, including healthcare. Government as well as created the racket we call a healthcare system today. Adding more government will make the problems worse.

  3. $75,000 = $100,000 speaking fees? She's seeing MORE money than she has her WHOLE life in just a COUPLE of "speaking gigs". If I was making that I guess I would be happy to have the "fight" go on and on and on, speaking gig after speaking gig after speaking gig…sweeeett.

  4. You can only make 10 years of change in one term because we have settled for clowns like her doing nothing for so long. Time for something different instead of the same old crap in two packages that differ only in name.

  5. Great to see you fighting for this Jimmy. I'm a Dutchman but been following you ever since the primaries and haven't stopped since. Didn't know about this horrible ordeal you went through, respect for having kept going and being where you are today. The fact that this fight is so hard to just get a simple vote on a policy that is supported by a majority of citizens is absolutely ridiculous. It is simply revolting and depressing to see the complete disregard many politicians have to address the real needs and pains of the citizens they're supposed to serve. I hope that you will get what you are all fighting for, a health care system that works for everyone should be a basic fact.

  6. what this period is showing is the difference between real politicians who care about their voters (which are a few) and the pandering two faced "politicians" who are corrupted. Same goes for the media and academia

  7. I'm from the UK and I understand your passion about these topics now more than I did, im so fortunate to have my NHS look after me. I have sciatica and I'm glad of the system we have, best of health Jimmy Dore.

  8. The Sam Seder/AOC progressives: “hey, sure, I want Medicare for all and all these things that’ll massively improve people’s lives, but I don’t wanna be rude about it”

  9. you're right. but you are gloating and making about you. Its not you they hate. its the position you put them in. And YOUR EGO is making this problem SO much harder to reconcile. Stop with the "it's my great idea" and "maybe they're jealous, maybe they just don't like me." THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU. you sound childish. Learn from Bernie. they attach him, they call him crazy socialist. He simply repeatsd the facts, over and over, he didn't get dragged into a pissing contest. you fell for it hook line and sinker.

    Conservatives are laughing at all of us right now. how easy we are to turn on each other.

  10. 26:17 AOC, if you are annoying them, your are at best doing 50% of your job, they need to be scared shitless that they will be tossed out of office or all their business interests and money will be threatened with strikes and protests if they don't listen to the vast majority of Americans…and as someone who suffers ongoing dental issues due to an unavoidable condition (I grind my teeth involuntarily) the sheer cost of individual procedures is insane and unless you want to double your Ins. premium, you're not getting coverage. Just having my wisdom teeth and back molars removed cost me over $5,000 out of pocket…you'd think that medical issues so closely located to the brain would be the first thing covered in medical insurance, but it's seen as more of an afterthought like vision and hearing…

  11. Dam Jimmy… For the people! I've always had my disagreements with you but I always thought deep down you were a stand-up man. We all have our own story of pain and sorrow, I'm so happy and proud You found the courage to keep fighting through. hey I hurt my back and ended up becoming a pill junkie that turned into a heroin junkie that damn near destroyed his entire family… so yeah kind of difficult to keep up a smile on your face in a will to live but bless you my man!

  12. From Australia cant believe that the richest nation in the world does not have medicare for all,,,,its a sin……we had it here for years we call it medicare ,,,,corrupt selfish politician, spend billions fighting wars that have nothing to do with you.and money to help those in need is not there, grinding your own people to the ground….

  13. It really is unbelievable people in America can’t get medical treatment free or at an affordable rate. You should not have to go bankrupt to get good care.

  14. at some point you need to wonder what the deepstate has on people to make them flip 180°…
    they're not stupid enough to let a threat uncontrolled: i guess the choices they leave them is to collaborate or to be destroyed. politic is as dirty as the mafia just FYI