Jimmy’s Tucker Rant Spurs Hit Piece From Democrat Rag

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#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. The show is also broadcast on Pacifica Radio Network stations throughout the country.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


  1. Why do you have to lie?
    We were NEVER told that if we elected those 2 from Georgia, that we would have a 2,000 dollar check the next day… WHY did you lie?
    And its 1400 dollars because we already got 600 dollars, or did you forget about that?

    Stop LYING…. the parties are NOT the same.. and you bitching about everyone getting healthcare doesnt help your cause at fucking all….


  2. I saw some article I wish I remember where now, but Anywhoo, it listed the backgrounds/degrees/education of some top influencer journalists… And guess what!!? A majority of them had political science degrees or otherwise but no journalism degree/training. Very interesting

  3. The populist left and the populist right are closer than either is with their respective political party. The populist right understands this, and we're just waiting for our populist left friends to drop the identity politics and woke nonsense.

  4. I appreciate you going on Fox. Everyone needs to hear what you're saying. Let's not be choosy here.. the truth is important to all people in the US.

  5. Love it Jimmy. Keep doing what your doing. My hope is that the peoples party speaks truth to power like you. Thats how the peoples party grows 100 fold. People are looking for a party that will take on the corruption and be just as tough as them and that will never stop. I hope the peoples party is watching this and learning from you.

  6. Good stuff Jimmy! If we all work together against the evil establishment we can then hash out the details of policy for the people on their merits. Right now it is all about the establishment and corporate cronies, protected by the media class, and they could care less if the people die in the streets.

  7. This is why I think there is middle ground for sensible Leftists like Jimmy and Trump supporters. Both want an end to corruption, to globalism, to wars for money, to continually bailing out the banks and Wall Street, to supporting China in taking all the West's heavy industry, to the continuous attacks on Russia, and even to universal health care (yes, many Trump supporters want universal health care). The Left would have to compromise on immigration and things like transgender pronouns, attacks on free speech, and attacks on the police. But I still think there is a lot of common ground.

  8. Excellent. We are also losing businesses here in Canada, but at least we get the CRRB relief fund, or extensions of Employment Assistance or Emergency Welfare. I just don't understand why it is so difficult to financially help many of the people who keep those bottom feeders in their position. Baffling. Convid is just a tool to collapse the little guy.

  9. I love seeing all these Jimmy Dore fans fully coming out as Tucker Carlson fans. “Tucker is actually on our side!!” “The boogaloo boys have some good points!” “AOC and Bernie? THE ENEMY OF FREEDOM!!” Finally the assimilation is complete. You’re the right wing now. Enjoy Fox News. Buh bye!

  10. I really think Jimmy Dore is the left wing Alex Jones. He does so much more harm than good. Does he realize that Tucker doesn’t agree with any of what he said? Maybe bring that up and expose that Tucker is on the opposite side?

  11. I'm a big Jimmy Dore fan, but something troubles me. At 05:18 Jimmy gets angry at Max for mentioning the name of the writer of the e-mail. While I can understand Jimmy's frustration, I find his reponse towards Max too aggresive. Anyone else feel the same?

  12. feeling like I'm watching an old silent, black and white movie of a Steam Locomotive racing onto a collapsed bridge and into a canyon, frame by frame, everyday a new frame or two or three, meanwhile the rest of the world watches aghast. Only I'm not seeing a metaphor, but a worse thing.

  13. What was the very first thing Hitler did when he took office-the very first thing? Took full control of the media! -The very first thing. What the Dem's are doing should scare every American to death but it probably won't until we start to disappear.

  14. I'm in Canada. A couple of things, the left has to stop looking to us. Out public health system is second rate. It's badly mismanaged and doesn't do a service to health care workers and patients alike. It can be better.

    Lockdowns were imposed in part because there were fears, like elsewhere, of the hospital system being overwhelmed which never happened – with or without lockdowns. The measures only brought net pain and assured the cure was worse than the disease. Simply, we all over reacted. As for the 'UBI'. It's not a UBI. It's a temporary program called the CERB and it's taxable based on your tax bracket. I was on it when my industry was shut down. I will have to pay back 30% of it. My business was forced into taking a $40 000 loan from the Federal government and then another $20 000. $60 in total but $20 000 is a subsidy not expected to be paid back. But the Feds in Ottawa will expect I pay back $40 000 at a low interest. I never asked for it but they got themselves a nice little racket going. The province where I'm in – Quebec who has suddenly become highly restrictive with its anti-science measures – gave me $85 000 in support money that will be taxed. So nothing is free. It helped sure but this is no UBI. Plus Canada has spent as much as the U.S. on a proportional basis so I guess they have to claw back some back money by converting all these programs to support business and individuals into taxable benefits and loans. It does seem as though we were better organized in handing out the money but who got it ended up being a disaster and the accounting for it will be a mess for years to come. Shoulda let it all stay open as established science going back 100 years dictated. Now we'll have to deal with the negative social and economic trade-offs.

  15. What I find funny over the last 2 years FOX news and their opinion shows have had on more progressives than MSMBC/CNN has had on in the last 10. Tulsi Gabbard, Jimmy Dore and several others are becoming regulars, meaning the fox viewers are getting exposed to a wider range of ideas and ideology. This is critical to help unite us in what we share in common, and to help us understand why we differ and how we can work together to come to the best solution. The truth neither the left or right has all the answers, neither side will solve the real threats and problems facing workers and the poor, but together they can. Compromise is the only real solution to our problems.

  16. .2% is Covid & 99.8% is the flu! I can't believe all of the scared sheeple in this country & around the world. Its sad & disgusting at the same time. Weak minded & weak in faith.

  17. 10:26 Dugin is indeed a nut but anyone who thinks Max is a secret fascist is an absolute moron OR they are doing it deliberately. Obviously it is the deliberate "guilt by association" thing they are going for. Ridiculous.

  18. And yet you had not a single word about no matter how bad the Democrats are, the Republicans are 10 times worse, when it comes to screwing over the people and coddling the rich. So why are you acting like you're some kind of everyman hero?

  19. This globalist agenda really is unnerving considering the overall possibility of global destruction from nuclear war… The nuclear bomb is always referred to as "a deterrent" but with the more involvement that our establishment elites have with foreign countries the more possibilities it opens up for the end to mankind.