JK Rowling SNAPS, Posts Thread Against Woke SJW Nonsense Triggering SJWs

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  1. I think a better summer read is the book 1984. Re-reading it now & its f*cking terrifying how spot on it is for our current global & national situation. I know who The Party is…

  2. No one ever expects the SJW Inquisition!

    All pay heed! Now enters the holiness Twitter Mob, the Grand Inquisitor Council of the SJW Inquisition!

    Twitter Mob; do not employ them for compassion

    Twitter Mob; do not beg them for forgiveness

    Twitter Mob; do not ask them for mercy

    Let's face it, you can't Torquemada anything!

    Let all those who wish to confess their evil ways and accept and embrace the SJW cult convert now or forever burn in hell, for now, begin the Inquisition!

    The Inquisition (Let's begin!)

    The Inquisition (Lookout, sin!)

    We have a mission

    To convert all

    We're gonna teach them (Wrong from right!)

    We're gonna help them (See the light!)

    And make an offer

    That they can't refuse

  3. She has given hundreds of millions to different charitable causes, ranging from a foundation for MS (£15m) to an NGO for children in orphanages (undisclosed) and centres for women who've been subjected to domestic violence (£12m) and many many more.She's the only billionaire in history to be knocked out of the club through charitable giving. What a bitch.

  4. JK is still the same she was earlier, she just disagrees about one thing, yet you seemed to automatically forgive/forgot all about it to spin your story to fight SJWs

  5. What people don't realize is that The Left always collects. It's a faustian bargain. The Left will help you destroy the culture, but if you ever try to stop it they will attack.

    Gamers took Lefty's help to fight censorship in the early 2000s. But when it came to collect and force Gamers to play feminist propaganda, they refused.

    Feminists took Lefty's help to destroy the family. But Lefty will get paid. They demand that women abolish themselves and accept transgenderism.

    The Left only destroys do not help evil.

  6. The trans movement have over played their hand massively and totally pissing off people who used to support them, they are setting their movement back years and alienating many former allies.

  7. You know that community might want to chill out. With all the police walking out they could find themselves in alot of trouble. Because alot of people are sick of this group's rhetoric, and could….

  8. Resent something long enough and you will begin to resemble it. I see strong racism come from the blm movement. Forgiveness is the path to freedom. Resentment is a path to bitterness and hatred.

  9. What is admirable about J.K Rowling is that her works (basically Harry Potter) does have messages warning about suppression of any kind. She faced agendas by religious extremism, homophobia, censorship, and now politics of trans community

  10. JK is a typical Karen. First she kisses every leftist ass on twitter by changing Hagrid in to a transsexual woman of color 5 years after her last book was made in to a movie, and now she's trying to pull a Ricky Gervais? Her entire life ideology changes depending on what Facebook group she's currently on.

  11. “People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” – Carl Jung.

  12. Hey, I feel it is a form of sexual assault with the transgender agenda. Men who think the are women coming into what is supposed to be a safe space!