JK Rowling Turns Trans People Into Serial Killers

…at least, according to the critics, in her new book about a man who dresses up as a woman to murder women. It doesn’t seem to have gone down well.

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  1. The Left is incapable of understanding memes and the intricacies of such subjects as trans issues as they relate to real life. All rationality has been burned out a long time ago.

  2. I remember being on tumblr and seeing people complain about how trans people are “always the villain” in stories. This is a blatant slap in the face to intersectionalists
    Also reminds me of Grell from Black Butler

  3. and she may not be a fan of your work and views
    it's always tricky to defend people who might turn on you at the end of the day
    it may be just an example of internal disagreements within their faction

  4. There is an anime called Full Metal Alchemist, pretty old anime too where in one episode there was a woman that distributed meat around the city but was at risk since there was a killer, killing mainly women, in the city.

    The plot twist was that the woman that distributed meat was actually a man disguised as a woman and used that car to transport bodies and the butchery as warehouse where he sliced them up. It was an intense episode and very memorable, to the point i can recall it today.

  5. Harry Potter is for kids. I would advise Terry Pratchett especially given TP is in short supply or so I hear during COVID times but I fear for all his subjective charms in his literacy might and sense of humour of which I am thankfully not immune to that which I am, his liberal themes might rub off the wrong way on otherkins.

  6. The truth is outlets like Pink News have turned, the LGBT community into a protected class in the media. Only people who identify at part of the community in there eyes should be given the role of a character from that community, They are a few examples of Pinknews getting outranged because an actor or actress has been cast as a trans woman because it "takes the role away" from a trans woman playing the part. Then if you dare cast the token LGBT character that most works put in for representation as the villain then you are only doing so because of your own transphobia and you will be hunted down by the mob. LGBT characters have to be show to be perfect.