Jocko Willink Weighs In on Defunding the Police | Joe Rogan

Taken from JRE #1492 w/Jocko Willink:


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  1. I'm a Correction Officer and a Combat Infantry Veteran of oif. I also spent nearly 10 years in the private sector.
    I've been saying for years that departments need more training. It needs to be a Priority. Also, Jocko's absolutely correct about the mindset.

  2. I've been arrested multiple times and had police contact alot more unfortunately but I always realized that if I'm caught up I have no win fighting em. And the people who call the cops over every little thing need to also be held responsible its like they're sicking the cops on people

  3. My perspective is that the defund the police means to demilitarized the police. Tons of studies show if you outfit the police like they're soldiers, they will act like soldiers. And that's not the mentality that the police should carry around. They aren't interacting with an occupying force, they're interacting with the general civilian population. And yes, obviously their are bad guys and they need to be trained and equipped for those situations. But I can't see much reason for cops to be rolling around in MRAPs. Defunding can also lead, like Jocko said, to funding other things. Infrastructure, healthcare, etc. The police currently have way to much on their plates to deal with on average. Help offload some of those jobs into different departments with more specialized skill sets, and with the work that remains for the police to do, get them the proper continual training so they can perform at the level needed so incidents like this can occur as little as possible.

  4. The toxicology report shows fentanyl was the cause of his death. That’s per the coroner so the cops will get off causing worse riots. Why did the coroner hold on to the results so long? To drag it out…….

  5. As someone who works in law enforcement i absolutely love what J.Willink is saying about training and what is needed i get 1 8hr use of force and de-escalation training every year as a NY Correctional officer and its just verbal and video teaching NOTHING HANDS ON , and we're supposed to be proficient what a joke…..

  6. Cops that need to be trained not to put a knee on a neck for seven minutes is a joke! This was a false flag made for TV to kick off the riots. The same shit obummer did in Missouri. The Blacks are baited into this shit every election cycle. Money is paid to these rioters by Soros and moved by bus, plane etc. You know how smart both of these men are right? There’s a reason why they are being PC it will fuck up their good thing!

  7. Man I was part of the first five companies in the surge. This is exactly what we did. Heck we took the IPs into the neighborhoods to meet their people too

    Jocks is absolutely right. Seeing it from then and seeing it from a LEO perspective community policing will fix everything in time.

  8. The Nazis defunded the police so their Brown shirts can run free to do Hitler’s bidding! The Marxist are making their move and it will not end well! So, I guess the leftist freaks forget that we conservatives are always locked and loaded so….

  9. Very valid points here from both, but in a perfect world. Additional training takes money and additional personnel away from their tour of duty which, in many places, already low in man power. And about careful vetting, in many urban beauracracies i.e nyc, many qualified candidates are often bypassbased in favor of affirmative action and political correctness, I see this first hand. If what these gentlemen can be pulled off, Im all for it, but the realities are much different.

  10. Police get the most in their budgets. They overinflate it big time. They get paid big time. Training?? Do they need more training to kill unarmed black people?? Are you kidding me? You have white nationalists and neo-nazis going into those departments. They need to be defunded so that money will revitalize other programs in cities. Police and their itchy trigger fingers have made themselves their own liability. You don't see police in Europe doing this and their funding is far less. This is idiotic to keep funding them like before. I also heard they are going to Israel to learn their way of dealing with riots. That is the worst thing you can do. They are military; and the military way is not how you deal with civilians.

  11. Here in my hometown Austin, Tx, city council officially defunded our police department, removing $150 million dollars from its budget and getting rid of 80-90 police officers. In one of the fastest growing cities in America. I was in the hiring process of becoming a police officer, my life long dream, and to hear this news was horrific. And I can no longer achieve my goal. All scheduled academies have been canceled and there is no sight of it starting again anytime soon.

  12. He has some great points. The one flaw is that, where does the police have the time to train once a week? That takes officers off of the street and would cut into the budget. Another thing is that police officers rarely rat on each other-it's an unwritten no-no. Jocko is one one of the best guests ive heard on this show , though.

  13. or maybe, the shit doesnt get to seattle only through social media … maybe, just maybe there are many bad cops and in many citys and the people actually felt the same way.

  14. Joe Rogan – “where will Minneapolis be in a year w/o Law Enforcement?? “
    My answer ;

    Minneapolis will look like the neighborhood Biff’s casino is situated in!