Joe Biden and Friends are Tanking

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  1. Many if not most left wing Canadians have a deep seeded inferiority complex growing up next door to America. Bottom line is Canadian Commies aren't suffering from some neurotic complex, they are simply cognitively inferior to anyone who can tie their own shoelaces.

  2. Biden is brilliant for conservative thought just like Diane Abbott is. The lies keep getting outed. We are told that he is the most popular president of all time, however he demonstrably isn’t….how have they gotten the numbers to make this claim? We ALL know the election was rigged and they know we know.

  3. As a Canadian I 100% agree with your opinions and many of us hate him like no politician has been hated in my lifetime
    All the hospital protests are healthcare workers refusing to participate in the mandates
    He's demonizing them in many ways they are included in his antivaxxer rhetoric

  4. If the US is systemically racist TODAY then 35 years of progressivism is an absolute failure.

    We don't live in a conservative US. We've had progressivism for about 35-50 years. Progressive TV, Movies, Politics, education, corporate climate, zeitgeist… all progressive or leaning progressive. You'd think racism would be in edge cases (which it is but the left won't acknowledge that) but to the left, they are admitting their views failed.

  5. If I had known Trudeau was in London I would have gone 😃 one morning when PPC were doing sign waving, Trudeau came back through town and the escort cops flashed support for PPC. All the city workers, truckers, even firemen and police were honking for us. But Trudeau won with the lowest voter turnout in Canadian history, conservatives won the popular vote but not enough seats, PPC had double the votes of the Green Party, but green got two seats and PPC got 0.

  6. Nobody in Canada can get on an airplane or train without their tiger repellant. We don't want perfectly good citizens that are carrying their tiger repellant to be put at risk from the people that haven't even purchased their tiger repellant.

  7. I saw one appearance in New Jersey where people lined up along his route to heckle him and one local followed him around shouting the names of deceased Afghanistan veterans. Then Joe sniffed the head of a child and someone in the crowd called him a pedo. You can't make this stuff up.

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