Joe Biden and the Curious Case of the Cognitive Test

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  1. I thought the intro clip collage was about Joe Biden. I mean, even tho these leftists are saying Trump's name, I still think they were taking about Joe.
    Can we use this clip and just change Trump for Biden?

  2. There were literally presidents who owned slaves, near-genocided native americans, imprisoned american citizens just because of their race, and were filthy racists. Tell me again how Trump is the worst one, given that those presidents existed

  3. I am SO looking forward to Joe being forced out of his basement and in front of a camera with no teleprompter to tell him what to say, with Trump on the other end of the stage.

  4. As a woman in a blue state, even I admit at first I was turned off by his “bedside manner” but given what he has to deal with and how he’s handled it, I applaud him for having the intestinal fortitude for not being fake like the rest of the lifer politicians that take part of my paycheck and don’t do a damn thing. As a matter a fact, he sounds like the rest of us that would be constantly under attack and quite frankly he’s taking it like a champ!

  5. My favorite part is that if Kaitlan Collins had said something to the effect "Weijia Jiang interrupted me sir" instead of something to the effect of "I gave my time to Weijia Jiang" the president probably would probably have let Collins ask her question.

  6. It's amazing how often the left accuses trump of the exact faults they have themselves.

    – hillary was accused of conspiring to steal the election (iirc with russia) then they deflected it to trump
    – they said trump is dividing the country when it's the media and the radical left
    – and now trump "has cognitive decline" when it's obviously joe biden with early stage dementia

    It's almost as if you can use the media as fact, you just have to take the opposite of what they say and then you have the truth.

  7. THese leftists media hacks are so dumb. Pathetic.
    They get called out constantly for their bias and incompetence, but they keep pushing their delusions. No wonders they keep laying off people. What's the point of listening to these failed comedians when there are way better alternatives?