Joe Biden Asks Putin Permission To Go to Ukraine To Give Away Our Money



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  1. Trump went into a REAL danger zone and put his health at risk by supporting the people of Palestine Ohio, not just with platitudes but by bringing them thousands of gallons of water, cleaning supplies and food, ( out of his OWN pocket, not tax payer's) and coordinating with Senator Vance and local officials to organize what else can be done. Trump actually CARES about AMERICANS!!🇺🇸

  2. What's with the Ukraine President wearing the most bum-ass clothes all the time? He's off meeting world leaders, he IS a world leader, and look at the way he's always dressed! WTF is up with that.

  3. Someone will need to refund our tax dollars. I have a $150 red light ticket….no justification with that. I ain't paying shit. As a matter of fact u will be writing them a letter to ask uncle for it because he stole my taxes.

  4. Great!… Launder more Stolen U.S. Tax Dollars through Ukraine!… Their excuse is that they're funding a War that Ukraine is losing its ass on!… The Democrats think all us American Citizens are stupid and don't know what going on here… Unreal!

  5. Abolish USA Communist Democrat Party or Complete 100% reform it by throwing everyone that is in it currently and BAN them from all Government Position as well as from Joining any Party FOREVER; including those through the period of pass 7 years till today.
    This is a MUST, IF YOU ARE Serious in Eliminating the Entire SWAMP. chyna CCP is part of the Swamp way before ww 2.
    Please get rid of USA Communist Democrat Party before the final phase of ww3 or we will have to work to get rid of USA from the rest of the world.
    No more repeating history on PURPOSE like in ww2 ( e.g communist democrat economy suppression on others on purpose, etc, etc)and earlier.
    Communist Swam HQ have now completely Transferred over to Communist chyna/ china. All tech in the USA have been taken.
    the rest is just continuous updates.
    Note that South Korea is Still at this moment a Communist in Disguise at its core. Until the gov is completely conservative. Which been attacking Japan from the South of Japan under directions given by Communist chyna CCP.
    One can easily observe how so many of its people that have a communist mindset. Though not all of them; but there is a lot of them. You can easily find this if you look around.
    This include malaysia ; which is also a Communist in Disguise never changed since like forever.
    Communist malaysia contributed and feeds ww2; as well as play the Communist blame game. countries such as these cannot be trusted and shall be held accountable with serious punishment for their action without fail.
    And Yes, Pence had gone down in history as someone that is completely useless that caused billions of death due to his weakness. He should not have taken the possition if he can't do it. and he knew it.
    China's Bioweapon chyna ccp virus = covid, omicron

    ukraine – russia war are pure Communist Democrat of USA and Communist ukraine doing in desperation to create WW 3.
    russia is purely attacking in order to defend itself. else why do you think US military bases are all over the world is for?
    Prove? Only Hint will be given; Look at how Terrorist Taliban taken over an entire country. Look at how the Bio-weapon of Communist china is used. Still being that stup is no excuse.
    You are suppose to do your own work instead of purely getting spoon feed like like a Communist insect moron.
    To stop Communist Swamp and External Communist Organization and dictatorial influence and Control over any Company:
    1. Ban Investment as shareholder / Stakeholder for a Company / Organization. The Ban includes banning anyone at all from being the Board Member or a Company / Organization. So a Company will and can only be owned and controlled solely by its original owner.
    2. Only allow investment based on specific project. Where this is the replacement for "Investor as Shareholder/Stakeholder / become a board member of a company / organization".
    3. "Project" is something that have a time limit. investor will gain certain amount of reward the same based on the performance of the Project.
    3. This will destroy the entire Communist Swamp.

  6. Does the leader of the free world mean anything anymore? Will it again? They are breaking something and so much that it can’t be fixed! Who do you call when your being robbed by the government??

  7. Zelenski only hands the 1/2 a Billion $$$ over to Putin and has done everytime America pays Zelenski Trillions to keep the Biden cartell fully funded with the dirty money.
    Oh l forgot, and to also pay to fix Nord Stream pipeline and 2, to slow the Russian advance in the take over of Ukraine.
    So far Putin has around 2.5 Trillion $$$ of US taxpayers money no thanks to that pissant Biden, the man who won 80 million votes from his basement. The man who bends over to appease Putin, the man who is fast sinking America into the abyss.
    God help us all …🇺🇸👍

  8. Once again his corruption is showing send billions if not trillions to Ukraine meanwhile people are dying due to toxic spills with our food burning with nothing to show for this administration

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