Joe Biden BLAMES Activists (clip)

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Written by Sabby Sabs


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  1. How absurd corporate democratic party leaders are responsible for the mess woman are in They have done nothing to codify women.reproductive rights This is pro.westling not real politics

  2. What this shows to me is that to them (the Dem establishment insiders) any and all activists & activism is EXACTLY the same. To them it simply doesn't matter what cause or causes you are pushing for. You as an activist are by their definition "out of step with the mainstream of the Democratic Party".

    And who is in step with mainstream of the Democratic Party? They are. The Dem establishment IS the mainstream of the Democratic Party. That's simply how they see it. They are by nature & definition of being the establishment the mainstream of the Democratic Party. What Dem voters want or don't want as shown by opinion polls and any resulting activism that comes out of those wants simply don't matter.

    And what does the "mainstream of the Democratic Party" want & actually believe in pursuing? Fundraising, maximizing fundraising profits as a top priority in any & all situations. Thus the "mainstream" is creating rhetoric about it's supposed but obviously false goal of delivering "help to women in danger". It won't. It can't as it has to use any potential solution to the crisis as a carrot to dangle in front of voters/dupes/small dollar donors to suck out as much fundraising as possible. A carrot it can NEVER deliver on for exactly the same reason i.e. perpetual fundraising.

  3. It isn’t the activist’s job to remain in step with the mainstream. The reason activists exist is because they are not satisfied with the mainstream! They exist to promote change, while the mainstream exists to protect the status quo. In the history of this country, it is the activists that have moved the politicians. Social progress doesn’t initiate with politicians!

  4. people of the USA governed by scumbags, getting their misinformation from scumbags, getting their money transferred to scumbags – and still no nationwide uproar. Over here in europe the streets would be on fire.

  5. This is a prime example of manufacturing consent. People looking at this critically know it is complete b.s.
    It is low information democrats who listen to this garbage and it makes them feel like voting blue is doing good for the country.

  6. For having so many obvious flaws and for being so incumbered by his own dementia Biden is really full of hubris. If this is how he sees others just imagine what an arrogant prick he must have been when he was at his full intellectual power. I've always maintained that the heart of Joe Biden has always been that of a mean spirited bully. Such a mean, mean man.

  7. I'm glad you are speaking on our concer don't effect them,just like the interest rate going up who does that effect people who have to go to work who have to use public transportation or people trying to buy a home we as people need to wake the hell up these politicians don't give a damm about us I believe they all need to be out of office, joe Biden should not be able to run because he's a idiot, trump should not be able to set foot in the white house because of the shit he tried to do put his ass under the jail 😡👍🏿

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