Joe Biden caught flip-flopping on Anita Hill 1991 testimony

Former Vice President Joe Biden is now saying he always believed Anita Hill’s’ sexual assault claims against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. One America’s Meghann Dyke looks at Biden’s past remarks, which show this has not always been the case.

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  1. If Creepy China joe's lips are moving, HE IS LYING!
    He will be INDICTED long before the election!

  2. I always wondered why Hill waited so many years to make her charges against Justice Thomas. She waited so many years to make her claim once the Justice was nominated for SCOTUS. Seemed like a political hit job from the start for what ever reason. No else has ever made such a claim about Justice Thomas, unlike Bill Clinton.

  3. It’s a long way to the democratic convention. Your going to see a lot of flip flopping out of this guy. A whole lot of flip floping. This guy is an original at this sort of cray

  4. the dipstcks on The View should have dr. hill on the show. joy bahar can dress up as a lovely black woman and we can watch their hypocrisy as they interview her about uncle joe.

  5. Ineeda heel … and her, "Who put that pubic hair on my coke can?"  She was a blast then … and, look at how much wealth she made … ad hoc faculty, book deals, speaking engagements.  Ineeda heel followed Justice Thomas through three job moves … and he actually said something about a "pubic hair" on a coke can?  That shameless hussy.  But, that's how wealth is built in the Left Wing-Nut Regressive America.

  6. I could while away the hours, conferrin' with the flowers Consultin' with the rain. And my head I'd be scratchin' while my thoughts were busy hatchin' If I only had a…..wait, What?

  7. Whether Biden believed her or not, (evidently he didn't) as chairman he was obligated to give her a fair hearing, (which he didn't) and now he's running a THIRD TIME and he's saying he did believe her? Typical democrat, no matter what the facts show, deny deny deny and lie if it gets you points!
    If the MSM had reported every scandal obama-biben did, everyone would know it was full of scandals. I'll mention just one, Biden threatened to withhold TAXPAYER money given to the Chinese if they didn't fire the prosecutor of his son in a China investigation! You don't do something like that unless the son is guilty and you have clout. The Chinese didn't believe him so creepy uncle joe said, just call Obama and he will agree with him. The Chinese fired the prosecutor and dropped the charges on his son! How is this different from your garden variety of EXTORTION? There are people in jail for doing this and Biden used taxpayers' money to extort the Chinese. Now he owes China a favor or a hundred of THEM!!! What else do the other countries have on him they can blackmail him with? That's not even the worse scandal that obama-biben are involved in! That administration makes NERO look like a choir boy!!!
    Creepy, sleepy, China Joe! No thanks!
    Trump and REPUBLICAN CONGRESS IN 2020!

  8. He is a lying pile of shit puke and was complicit with Obama in destroying America. Everything they did was with intentions of bringing America down including gutting the military and creating Obamacare