Joe Biden CAUGHT Lying About Cost Of Build Back Better

As the White House prepares for the new green agenda, Joe Biden’s team have been caught out lying about the cost of the net zero target.

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Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


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  1. I hope you read all of the coronavirus act. Especially sections twenty and twenty one. Your dead MP voted for the coronavirus act. If he read the act properly then he shouldn't have ever voted for it and if he didn't read this act properly then that's a dereliction of duty. Either way this is signing up to tyranny and for the record. I don't have time for those who've abstained as that is not voting against tyranny and is infact cowardess and a dereliction of duty. It doesn't matter how good a person this or any other MP is if they don't stand up to tyranny.

  2. So all the people with private pensions or who try and build a portfolio of investments over their working lives, but who still never earn that kind of annual wage won't be impacted by the reduced profits of companies paying this tax?
    Politicians love to lie, I guess it's the main requirement, but to try and imply people will pay nothing is cloud cuckoo land, unsurprising then it's Joe Biden who is suggesting it, he hardly comes across as a guy playing with a full deck

  3. Mahyar, you REALLY need to do a video about all the anti-covid restrictive measures protests that are going on in European cities 🙂 MSM won't report on any of it, as per usual, but it does look like Paris and Rome are set to explode with how angry the common people are 🙂

  4. For goodness sake, don't keep referring to this man's inadequacies, & allowing the USA fall into the same situation as the UK, for goodness sake, the American people must get rid of this idiot, before its too late, if it's not already. TJR Canary Islands España

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