Joe Biden Choosing Kamala Harris For VP Is A Slap In The Face To Black Americans

Joe Biden Choosing Kamala Harris For VP Is A Slap In The Face To Black Americans


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Written by Jamarl Thomas

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  1. Yep, more tokenism. Newsflash to these people: Just because you aren't white doesn't mean you're black. This attitude of "there are white people & then there is everyone else" is dumb. There are more Asian people than any other race, for example. However, according to some of these "liberals" Asians are just another "people of color" demo. Many of these ideologies mirror racist attitudes of the 50's etc.

  2. biden just doomed himself with corrupt kamala harris as VP hahaha it'll be a trump 2020 landslide now Biden afraid to take cognitive test cuz it'll reveal his Stage IV dementia/alzheimers biden's dementia/alzheimers stage IV too severe to debate Trump dems panic as biden plummets rapidly biden wants to give healthcare to illegals & non-citizens at American's expense biden has advanced dementia/alzheimers disease nina turner calls biden a bowl of shit, hahaha nina will never be bidens VP now 85,000 lefties defect to the Trump Train in the last 60 days most of the country sides with Trump on stopping the left's violent riots, Trump has skyrocketed in the polls, BLM & riots are hurting biden massively still think the rioters are peaceful? lol the left is turning more ppl into trump supporters cuz of this looks like Trump will beat Biden in November 😀 massive amounts of liberals are defecting to the Trump Train An Assassin strikes. ghislaine must have something on HRC/0bama/Biden/bernie unions turn against biden tim is voting Trump 2020 biden went too far left lol more libs are fleeing the crazy far leftists & joining the Trump Train (when you censor ppl they turn into Trump voters) Facebook gets caught doing even more things it shouldn't be doing Facebook gets caught censoring posts it shouldn't bidens poll numbers have completely crashed

  3. Progressive Voice is a child. Because I disagreed with him on Twitch, he called me an “idiot”…I guess not realizing that I am a Twitch Prime member who had sponsored him one month. Then right after resorting to name calling rather than using his adult words, he started begging for Twitch Prime subs. Oops??‍♀️?

  4. Dude, IDGAF if she was fushia colored and her parents were rocks!!! Having trump in the WH is like having a continuous "active shooter situation" that needs to be stopped!!! So I am going to close my eyes, grit my teeth, and vote for Biden/Harris to try and stop some of the blood flow!! It is a damn shame that I have to go into this election with this f*kd up mindset, but it is what it is!!! #SHOULDABEENBERNIE

  5. It wouldn’t matter who his VP is…Biden does not excite the base or non voters. Harris suppresses the vote ?. Her record is equally as horrible as Jim Crow Joe’s. It’s as if they want to lose AGAIN…???

  6. Kamala is not black, she's "black adjacent". The only blacks folk who are genuinely excited are old black folk who fall hard for identity/representative politics and the Black Boule aka the black bourgeois. She's a fakin' Jamaican . Miss Cleo was more Jamaican than Kamala is. Remember her Jamaican College professor father wrote that open letter chastising her after that Breakfast Club interview where she inferred that all Jamaicans smoke weed as a matter of course

  7. I considered Clyburn to be a servant to the corrupt oligarchy that is really ruling the USA. I stopped listening to anything by Rachel Maddow in 2016. I also stopped watching MSNBC at the same time.

  8. Bro,

    Great points.

    Too many people place importance on the ethnicity or gender of the person when it is their policies which matter.

    Also, one of those commentors in the chat stream made a good point – i.e. with a Jamaican father, Kamala Harris may be Black but she does not have the sordid legacy of slavery which most Black Americans have, and this is the same for Obama and General Colin Powell.

    However, being Black or whatever does not mean that they will not serve the interests of their capitalist and imperialist masters behind the scenes. After all, Dr. Condoleeza Rice, secretary of state in the G.W. Bush administration does have the legacy of slavery but served U.S. imperialist interests just the same.

    Whilst still President-elect in November of December 2008, Obama supported the government bailout of the "too good to fail" banks and said nothing about the need to help those who were being evicted for defaulting on their home loans. Right away, I knew that Obama would not be a "people's president" and he was just as much an imperialist warmonger who sent US-imperialist military to attack and invade other countries, just like GW Bush, Bill Clinton and GHW Bush who preceded him. In fact, apart from missile strikes on a Syrian airbase, Trump has been more restrained on sending the U.S. military to attack and invade other countries, such as those in the Middle East.

    Back in the days of European colonialism, senior positions in the civil service in the colonies, as well as heads of European corporations in the colonies were all Europeans from the coloniser country. However, under today's neo-colonialism and multi-national corporations, people from the neo-colonies are appointed to top management positions, including as CEO of their subsidiaries in these countries to help these multi-nationals exploit the resources, labour and markets of these neo-colonies.

    Likewise, the CEO and Vice-CEO of U.S. Imperialism, Incorporated is beholden to the Board of Directors, which is behind the scenes, whether it's Trump, Pence, Biden or Kamala.

  9. Who cares what her gender, color of skin, and other shallow attributes are. If anything Golda Meir, Margaret thatcher, and Hillary Clinton have taught us is that gender is irrelevant. If anything Obama, Ben Carson, Herman Cain have taught us is that the color of skin is irrelevant. We need to resist this bullshit once and for all.

  10. Oh my God we are doomed, another four years of chaos and nothing ness, like the Bible says there will be NO wise leaders just Clowns and Jokers we the people have no-one to speak for us these Elected so called politicians DO NOT REPRESENT, SHAMEFULL.

  11. Is Clyburn so stupid that he actually thinks Kamala Harris is a "Black" woman? Or is he gas lighting deliberately? Harris' mother was born in the Brahmin caste, but has Harris ever publicly denounced the caste system.

  12. Agreed, anti-reparations, talking head minstrels continue to hinder the real Black agenda. I for one refuse to fall for the Jedi mind trick. Enough is enough.

  13. Redd Foxx once said "A whole nation of black people keeps watching for a hero, and none comes, man. It would take their minds off a whole lot of things if you'd give 'em some winners."

    While Redd meant this in the most positive sense, the idea has been cynically twisted over the years to serve power. It will take people's minds off of the destitution, harassment, bigotry etc. if you give them a Kamala, a Jay-Z, or an Obama, right? They'll complain less about the shit wages, lack of opportunities, etc. if they are given the illusion that progress is being made. To the messengers point, what KH is doing is true cultural appropriation, i.e. Kamala pretending that, culturally, she is something other than a technocrat. In addition, the fact is we have never had a "black" president, culturally or otherwise; we have had one multiracial president & he didn't have the standard experience that most Black Americans get. We have all been brainwashed to accept that "Obama was the first Black president"; I catch myself doing it all the time when in conversation. But "give 'em a winner; let them have this one" right? It's an insult to Americans of all demos, IMO. It's not only Black people who want to see progress when it comes to addressing these issues, & they give us this horseshit over & over in slightly different packages. It hinders progress. Of course it also helped to consolidate the Black vote. Too bad it wasn't enough in 2016 when they were doing different sorts of pandering, right? The thing is people aren't stupid; the gig is almost up & putting openly racist Joe + lock 'em the fuck up Kamala in only makes what's really going on that much more obvious.

  14. Joe Biden is a progressive because he's taking with him a "black" woman as his vp. Just ignore her record in locking people up, especially black mothers.
    God white liberal identity politics will be the death of progress in the States (if it isn't already)!

  15. true, but look at the alternative. if Biden wins there is a chance to make better changes on 2024, if Trumps wins there will be no 2024. Unless there is Cuban-style elections with only one question on the ballot: Do you prefer the president to be in office for 4 more years?

  16. Maybe you won't see this post its 17hrs too late.

    But I'm disappointed to say the least, and I'm with you on Biden and Harris Fukem! .. At least pick Nina Turner. however fukU! too for falling for the divide and conquer ruse an intelligent person like yourself.
    How about Malcolm X, is he no longer African American??

    Ooh no his rival and probably one of the men who green lighted the order to have him assassinated, Louis Farrakhan, nope is he now excised from the AA community.
    Didn't you did a piece on Stokely Carmichael recently??.. Slamming Bill Clinton for his disrespectful crap he said..well what now?? throw his body back in the Caribbean sea, cuz his parents crossed it from Trinidad??

    Harry Belafonte, of our parents youth, marching and showing love to the civil rights movement, no?? throw him out too,??

    Colin Powell, once the darling to the Republicans once came on our ship to give a hooraah speech in Al Jubail KSA, fine man until he lied like a bad man..what ?? no love not even as an AA whose belt buckle lost it's sheen.

    Cicely Tyson, actress back in the day

    Shirley Chisholm who was the first Black woman to ran for president, yup black folks should throw her out too.

    Kareem Abdul Jahbar,?? Noooo! Say it ain't so say it ain't so.

    Patrick Ewing, et- tu Patrick et -tu??..
    Yaphet Kotto, dude from Magnum P.I ??..GTFO!!

    Marion Jones, you thief of African American heritage, throw those damned Olympic medals away, you imposter.

    And Senator Kamala D fk-ing dare you!!.. claiming Black heritage just because your father is a Black Jamaican with both slave owner and slave labourer ancestry and your mother a dark skinned woman from India over there somewhere.. like that never happened within the confines of the United States among AAs. cough cough! Sally Hemming ,

    Not to mention Caribbean folks have been travelling back and forth to this hemisphere even before America became the United States of America, unruly Slaves or Rebels slaves were often sold off to plantations in the Caribbean leaving behind family members of which would later be called African Americans, these then would start new families.
    Not to mention the kids and grandkids of such immigrant parents, considered ourselves of being part of the AA community, that's who we mostly intermarried with, form meaning full relationship with.
    pls do not become that crowbar that causes more riffs.

  17. Oh shush. She's black enough. Let the visual image of her in office heal this nation's racism and sexism. Shut up and vote Biden. If we don't get Trump out the Martians will invade Earth

  18. I'm an independent and former democrat.
    But a Majority of Democrats are too ignorant, gullible and stupid.
    For example, Andrew Cuomo is only good at "speaking" on TV and he pretends he's a decent politician.
    Just look at his very bad records and neoliberal policies.

  19. I'm an independent and former democrat.
    But a Majority of Democrats are too ignorant, gullible and stupid.
    For example, Andrew Cuomo is only good at "speaking" on TV and he pretends he's a decent politician.
    Just look at his very bad records and neoliberal policies.

  20. Democrats are the corporate party. Bitching about their lack of progressive policies is like bitching about republicans lack of progressives policies. You might as well wish for unicorns.