Joe Biden Claims He Talked to GHOSTS!! 👻👻 (NOT A JOKE!)

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00:00 “July the 6th”
01:37 “The Election of the British Prime Minister”
03:54 “What if the British House of Representatives was attacked?”
05:15 Joe can’t keep his story straight
06:47 “President Harris”
07:11 “America is back but for how long?”
09:42 Biden Lies During the J1m Crow 2.0 speech
11:37 “I See Dead People.” Joe Biden (Probably)
12:55 Proof that Biden is full of it.

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  1. Ever time grampa invents a story he uses it many times and thinks no one will recognise it. Schmidt! Here too he thinks the audience is dumb. Super cringe.

  2. The handlers can only program the dummy to say so many words so that “for how long?” Speech had to be reused a lot of times. Shocked at how Democrat votes think Joe is normal.

  3. Joe biden knows his whole career was a fruad just to get cooperate welfare for whatever laws he passed to just screw average people but at the same time he travels around the world saying America's back like him alone has saved the republic, if a sh!t stain could be a person it's him

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