Joe Biden CLEARLY Implicated In Hunter Biden’s Corruption, Bank Records PROVE His Involvement

Tim, Ian, Luke, and Lydia join critical theory critic and commentator Wokal Distance to express lack of surprise over Joe Biden’s clear implication in his son’s rank corruption.

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Written by Timcast IRL


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  1. If the IRS was not corrupt, the IRS would be taking apart the entirety of the Biden's financial records to work out who should be paying what taxes. If you're one household it's different than if you're separate households, because how do you separate the household expenses of a single household? All indications are these should have been separate households, with separate finances and separate taxes.

  2. It doesn’t matter. Things are so corrupt now even when it’s out in the open no one’s going to do anything about it. They need to have more laws where the minority party has power to prosecute corrupt officials on the other side of the aisle and corrupt presidents in the other party.

  3. Hey Tim, this was figured out before the election.. Put on your journalist hat and hold these news agencies accountable. Get them on your podcast, go to their jobs, or invite them out to dinner and get these anti American traitorous people on the record.
    Why hasn't Hunter been arrested for lying on his Federal Firearms paperwork? That's a state and federal law.

  4. Just want to mention that "organic, natural strawberries" from back in time, were and still are BITTER AS HELL! When I find them growing in my yard, I eat one just to remind myself that strawberries, as we know them, are a product of civilized science for the betterment of mankind. (Probably by priests somewhere.) And then I mow them over. {g}

  5. I would put everything i own on the fact its all a lie someone said ill keep you and your son safe inspite of what you did. This is from obama times and before. He said yes what else could you do. People say he cant be this far gone. To me this is acting he doesn't care about his son, if you get his son that sucks but don't get me is how he feels. I have prided my self on reading people. Biden has no remorse for his son, biden cares for him self like mob bosses, they don't care about their families they care about number 1. Biden's family is organized crime and will cut off any amount to survive.

  6. Trump was only in the White House when he had to die to COVID. He was golfing more than Obama and he also hung out in Mar-A-Largo. Y’all are a joke. A cult.

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