Joe Biden Completely Misunderstands The Basic Facts In HUGE GAFFE!


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  1. Gas prices are down almost a dollar.
    Only because they tapped our STRATEGIC RESERVES to put more oil on Market. Temporarily lowering prices and inflation TEMPORARILY. After mid terms it will be back to destroying America for the democrats. Helped by the " inflation reduction act " Prices will go back up to even higher heights.
    Hope I am wrong.
    HEGALIAN DIALECT they think we arevall stupid.

  2. You mean bigger than thinking 0% increase in inflation =0% inflation?

    Edit: BOOM! Called it before even watching the video. 🤣🤣🤣🙄🙄

    Also Biden: do I make any sense to anybody or just me?

  3. She called China a strong democracy because she spouts "OUR democracy" every time she's in front of a camera, and I think everyone has already caught onto to the fact that they have changed the definition of communism/democracy to mean the same thing,,,just go back through past videos and listen to them speak and then go watch ccp media ,,,they sound the same and their behaviors are the same. The marxist trash tried polling on the democrat socialist title but it polled so bad that they couldn't rebrand so they resorted to re-defining words and phrases and "screw you if you didn't know that it always meant that you,,, silly little communist citizen", that's what they'll say when eventually confronted

  4. Great Video, but I need to make a Historical Correction about poor Marie Antoinette. She never said the cake thing, and was in fact trying to Reform the French Government using what her close Friend, the Marquis de Lafayette, had learned while helping us get our Independence. The reason the Revolution actually Succeeded was due to the Arrogance of the majority of the French Nobility, who decided getting rid of the Royal Family and their Political Faction would help Them to cement their power. Instead, all of them, save for the few Independence-minded members of Lafayette's group who had helped us over here in the US, were all killed in the tragic wreck of a time period that became "The Reign of Terror." By the way, a German man named Karl Marx was inspired by that mess.

  5. The CCP is the most democratically free nations on earth? Are you fkn drunk… idk why I’m asking of course she is. My god is that a lie if I ever heard one. They locked their own citizens up during COVID they send their dissidents to reformation camps, they harvest organs from Wegers. This is such a blasphemous statement it’s no wonder she’s a politician

  6. When its all said and done, ultimatley, the only thing the democrats were really in charge of was smelling their own farts.. Corrupt bunch of phonies. So much for woke.

  7. Feeling the urge to vomit on these power hungry geriatrics. Thank God life still has it's limits and death is the great equalizer. Imagine a few hundred years from now how corrupt things will be when Altered Carbon is reality.
    TRUST !!

  8. These people are really unbelievable! First thing who voted for these aliens! They had to cheat Brandon never came out of the basement and when he did 5 people showed up, what are they saying? Are they drunk?! WHAT the heck is this idiot say about the economy! We haven’t been able to put any money away since the price on EVERYTHING has gone up ⬆️ I was going to buy a new truck a year and a half ago ! say it again Brandon what are you talking about! What planet do you live on? Jerry N. 🤪 Nancy 🤥😷😳 what did these people do to our economy $$$$$ 💩 cheater’s!!!

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