Joe Biden Defends Inappropriate Touching In Old Interview, College Kids Cringe Over Behavior

An Old clip of Biden defending his behavior with women is circulating again, plus college students are shown his creepy behavior and they are disgusted.

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Written by Drew Berquist


  1. Wow. Joe literally said absolutely Nothing. He literally said he needs to learn how to read better. Then the View in the most literal sense told him how to get out of the situation and he still said mumbled and disconjointed phrases that was no where near what the subject is. The looks of bewilderment on their faces is at best comical and at the least concerning. What a bunch of denial spin specialists. Amazing ?

  2. Who in the hell would vote for a thing like him, completely and utter bollocks, starts a sentence then starts another one ! what a dumb ars dimotwat

  3. I just can't figure out why would anyone support this guy. We have two Biden signs in our neighborhood, do they even watch his interviews and press conferences? Can you even imagine having this guy as president?

  4. Joy Behar of "The View", claimed that Biden can address and resolve, on the show, any offence of inappropriate touching.
    That claim by the View was completely self-righteous. No one on the view has the authority or right to self-proclaim themselves to represent or take the place of the victims of Biden's offences, … because what Joy Behar is doing is removing and diminishing any opportunity the victims deserve from a proper ethical process of recompense.

    It is ethically and morally wrong for the View to take that position. The matter is Not resolved on their show nor does it absolve Joe Biden from his moral and ethical responsibilities to face the victims.

  5. He was completely denying it until she said "Nancy Pelosi wants you to apologize". Then he completely accepts that he invaded their space and still doesnt apologize, while also saying it in a "oh well shit happens" type of way. Tells you all you need to know about all of our career-climbing, grifter politicians.

  6. He thought in his head rather than in his trousers. How friendly was he with Tara Reid in his Delaware senate office when he allegedly inserted his fingers in her privates.

  7. KEEP THE COURSE AMERICA: Well, it is up to all Americans to not forget and let all Americas know about the lying Trump back on Feb 3rd of how he lied about Corona and cause this country 7,000,000 cases of corona and 200,000 of deaths due to corona…NEVER FORGET AND VOTE TRUMP OUT.