Joe Biden & Democrats TORCHED For Their #MeToo Hypocrisy

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  1. if the coordinated effort they used to knock Bernie out, was used in general elections against republicans, democrats would never lose.

  2. So what’s the answer? Let everyone suffer under 4 more years under Trump by rejecting the DNC? That seems like cutting off out nose to spite our face. Since the DNC flagrantly has done this to their base twice now, how do conscientious liberal/democratic voters vote?

  3. Pretty sick that Trump’s administration is running this hypocritical ad. So you can only grab women by the pussy if you’re Trump? Both of these guys need to be tazed in the nuts.

  4. So I think one important thing to consider with this add is the target audience.
    Yes we all know, Trump is likely to have had his terrible share of misconduct, but honestly, his base does not care (enough to not vote for him).
    They don´t care for those adds, but Dem Voters, who really believe in MeToo (Like any decent person should), might not be voting Biden due to this.
    So this add is all about no impact on trump supporters and getting some people to not vote Biden.
    (So this entire backlash idea, like we did that too, does not really apply)

  5. The system is so broken then even the progressive commentators are saying that if you're not hiding from your wrong doings you could get away, because the other side has been hypocritical. Two crimes don't make it right.

  6. Theres one thing that will DEFINITELY ensure trumps victory. NO ONE in the city is gonna be out in November voting. The virus is still gonna make it too crowded to do in person because of how many cases there are in the cities. Joe is losing the popular vote for sure. People already arent inspired to vote for him. No one's gonna wanna risk fucking coronavirus to vote for someone they entirely disagree with.