Joe Biden Demonstrates His Math And Reading Skills

“Six thousand three hundred forty-four thousand seven hundred”

Written by Tony Heller


  1. Can you imagine how embarrassed you would be if you woke up one morning to find that someone had stuck a "Biden for President" sign on your front lawn? What if your neighbors saw it?

  2. COPIED- Joe Biden: "If you sailed your boat across the Sahara desert and got a flat tire, how many pancakes would it take to shingle your doghouse?
    Me: I don't know
    Joe: 7
    Me: How
    Joe: Because ice cream has no bones

  3. letting this guy go out there to do these things in public is abuse of the sick and elderly.
    someone in the democratic party should be criminally charged.

  4. The harris administration cant even count numbers they will bankrupt America. And any ties or bonds that were formed during this presidency will dwindle and be forgotten and we will be right back where we started.

  5. Trump has helped me financially and minorities and everybody I know but the left who has nothing will want to vote against the man and put the morons in charge and then wonder why they have even less?‼️

  6. Us Covid Infected Military… excuse me… US Covid Infected in America… Six thousand three hundred forty-four thousand seven hundred. US Covid Deaths… 1,000… 189,506!
    "Nailed it!"

  7. This is amazing. I can see why the democrats like this guy. His ability to articulate facts is beyond compare. This is the next greatest president we'll ever have. Not even Abraham Lincoln can hold a candle to this remarkable man.