Joe Biden Devolves into LEGENDARY Loser Status, Upstaged by Obama and Even Kamala


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  1. How sad. I have never been a supporter of Democrats/liberals / leftists. However, I am truly becoming saddened by what I am seeing from our president. It's starting to feel somewhat abusive. Maybe one could call it cruel. I am sorry that he is in this position and suffering. But then again I'm not the one who voted him in.

  2. Their fixing to dump him. OBummer was just there to rearrange the deck chairs on the USS Titanic and say hello to his staff, I mean, Sniffer Joe's staff. This is a total FUBAR.

  3. It broke my heart to see Joe being so disrespected.

    I then remembered how much money I am bleeding on groceries, gas, utilities, about the withdrawal from Afghanistan and everything else and wished I personally could do the same to Joe.

  4. I said it as soon as he was 'appointed' and i'll say it again now: They'll wait until he's been in office for 2 years, then they'll use the 25th to remove him and let Kamala replace him without it counting as a first term for her. That's been the plan since day one.

  5. I got questioned by the secret service for refusing to shake Obama's hand at a private function. Biden should sick the SS on them. But probably the SS would just ignore him too.

  6. Here's my personal opinion. You know growing old is something we will all do, some of us will not see Old Joe's age. Now I have no liking of the man in any form. But how long will this fiasco of play acting go on ?
    It's degrading, a travesty to humanity as we watch the treatment of an senior citizen. Although he may deserve a lot worse but those puppet masters need to be shown

    Good grief Charlie Brown !

  7. Joe Biden has got to be forced to resign ppl!!! The man is incoherent and stupid and a ahitty stuard that was placed into office by the democrats that are destroying our country!!!! Hey hey. Ho ho joe , let's go Brandon has got to go!!!!!!!

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