Joe Biden displays ‘puzzling’ behaviour after escaping COVID isolation

US President Joe Biden has displayed “puzzling” behaviour in recent weeks, including a battle with the mute button on a public Zoom call and “mangling” his words during a press conference, says Sky News host Rita Panahi.

Mr Biden also bizarrely opted to give reporters a hand gesture instead of answering questions as he headed out of Washington for his vacation house.


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  1. I'm sure he didn't have covid back to back unless hunter was around after a good run. It was just a way to hide him cause he has lost his marbles, and so Pelosi can run a muck without someone to answer to because There is no one to answer to and if Biden's around we'll figure that out. Their is no leadership to day PERIOD

  2. Senile Joe, quite a contrast from President Trump who would stand there for 40 minutes answering questions(sparring) from a blood thirsty media who wanted to destroy him. Senile Joe can't even handle one marshmallow question.

  3. The dottering ossified cadaver cannot negotiate a lawn and a question at the same time. He's adopting a Trump gesture 👍 hoping it might help him to learn something, anything as his illegitimate presidency sinks like an anvil in quick sand. The CDC is the very last place anyone ought ever think of to get true covid info. Next year YouTube will be in huge trouble.

  4. According to Dr. John Campbell, long SARS-CoV-2 is associated with brain change structure. It diminishes the grey matter thickness (Reduction of brain size). These cells don’t regenerate. I am wondering if getting the virus more than once amplifies the consequences and is like the long Covid.

  5. I'm not even a Biden supporter but I can all of these videos posted are for dumb asses. The dude said he, and the president as in himself as a human, and him as president. No wonder Australia get's punked by China so much. You mfs are dumb as Biden

  6. He is cognitive enough to know that Obama is actually the real president, in his 3rd term. Behind the scenes Obama and Hillary, are making all the decisions. They are behind the intentional destruction of our country, they only use this village idiot as window dressing. This is there payback and revenge, on all of us Trump supporters.

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