Joe Biden Doesn’t Think Tornadoes Exist… BECAUSE SCIENCE!

0:00 “Following The Science”
6:15 Biden Takes a Nap?
7:45 Biden Lies About Being An Activist
11:40 Kamala Harris Celebrates The North Vietnamese
12:43 They Don’t Call ’em Tornadoes Anymore


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  1. 4:00 I personally hate the phrase “the science is settled” because science never is. Studies can be released and acted upon, but even then science isn’t really “settled”

  2. This guy is an absolute disaster. The VP is just as bad. Who the hell is running our country, really? Just listening to them talk is like watching a toddler with Parkinson's trying to aim a squirt gun….its fucking painful!

  3. Well they're trying to re-write the English Oxford dictionary under than name of "equality" so…
    Also, about the buildings tilting…. if it's taller than a dozen or so stories, you should be able to see it sway very gently in wind. If it's not flexible… then it's brittle

  4. The absolute worse President and Vice President in US HISTORY!

    Liars and Hypocrites are running our Government!

    Obviously Joe hasn't seen the testimony before Congress on Aug 24th from Dr Parks, find the clip YT:

    "Dr Christina Parks, Cellular and Molecular Biologist explains that the ‘injections’ DO NOT and were never designed to prevent transmissions, only to attenuating symptoms of the alpha variant, which no longer exists. Worth a short watch."

    "The current science is indicating that the injected can transmit the virus just as much as the un-injected. Therefore, any ‘injection passport’ or mandate for work will not prevent transmission, so getting the injection, does not protect others, only the injected."

  5. Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earth Quakes, Heat Waves, Floods, Mudslides, Forest Fires, Blizzards, Volcanic Eruptions, Droughts, Ice Caps Receeding, Ice Caps Expanding, Meteors, Solar Flares and every other Natural Occurring Event has been happening long before Man and will continue long after Man is Gone!

    How about putting some serious effort into cleaning the Oceans and Waterways from all the garbage that's dump everyday!!

    Liars and Hypocrites are running our Governments!

  6. 9:07 Man, that clip of Joe in the 80s is such a striking difference compared to the president we have today- back then, he actually sounded coherent and charismatic, there even seemed to be conviction behind his words! It's sad to see how far he's declined over the years.

  7. I love your work but I just realized you inferred that Joe Biden's dead mother was in hell. That's beyond not nice, that's sick. Honestly, you owe your viewers an apology not to mention Joe Biden's passed mother. Good grief.

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