Joe Biden DOUBLES DOWN Saying Putin Should Be Removed, Denies All Three Gaffes

Guest: Alex Bruesewitz
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Jeff Clark
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Written by Timcast IRL


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  1. He is saying they didn't happen because that's what he meant the whole time he is saying that there aren't statements he had to change his position on after the fact

  2. I’m not worried too much. Putin isn’t an idiot like these morons. They call Biden a steward, a stand in. Why would Putin take his gaffes as serious? Or Lindsey’s bullshit, when he has no authority to initiate that action?

    Putin, unlike Timcast and crew, knows it’s bullshit. Little more then domestic propaganda.

    American politicians made similar threats several times since Putin came to power.

  3. When they talk about MiGs they mean Polish post-soviet aircraft, which Poland offered to donate to USA for USA to donate them to Ukraine, which USA said "was too risky" for them.

  4. Facts that don't get anouced why Russia invaded Ukraine! Ukraine has killed over 13,000 of there own people in the two separate states, who did not agree with the coup 2014 when obama approved it! USA nato has broken treaties with Russia and Russia has not broken any treaty! That's just two simple facts jeje now bio chemical labs approved by the USA and Obama as a senator brokered the deal! And what about the pedophilia rings in Ukraine! You don't hear this facts in any USA outlet left or right! Go Putin let's go Brandon!

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