Joe Biden Drops IRON FIST With Authoritarian New Vaccine Requirements For American Workers

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join YouTuber and commentator Joey Salads to examine how far Joe Biden has overreached his authority as president with vaccine mandates.

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Written by Timcast IRL


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  1. Fock Biden. People and companies just have to say NO. This person cannot mandate for some but not others ( his own cabinet) . This approach will never convince people to vaccinate. This vaccine is simply not one size fits all. It is not following science. It is not safe for every single human; nor is every single humane required to take it for whatever the reason.

    Harris does not have the fortitude to mandate ANYTHING and stand behind it. Waaay out of her lane.
    And petrified.

  2. Can't mandate a vaccine that started with the johnson and johnson killing spree
    knew a 60 year old head doc at a hospital who had a patient come in and say he took it… all he could do was put his hand on his head and go i'm sorry there is nothing i can do. We will be with you the entire time and try and get you thru this. Can't mandate that crap.

  3. So this basically makes it easier to purge government of people for their political beliefs and they want business to do the same to ban people from life for said political beliefs.

  4. The driving force behind the Biden administration's actions is Zionism. He has proclaimed himself a Zionist. Therefore, his actions are designed to destroy the middle class and ultimately America as a whole. He is not a Democrat. Hillary Clinton is not a Democrat. The DNC is not controlled by Democrats. These people are Bilderburg Group, CFR members, lapdogs for the bloodline families/International banking cartels. They are globalists and Luciferians. The only fuck they give about Americas is that they steal as much from the people as possible before they destroy the country. And as long as people hear what Im saying and go, "Cmon, thats crazy, thats just a wacky conspiracy theory", then they are going to succeed. And soon. So what does it take? What is it going to take to wake your asses up? Death? I get the feeling even then people will still be searching for an answer in the afterlife. Because what Im suggesting is just ridiculous.
    And thats sad. Because its true. And it is ridiculous. More than you know. But when you start to look into it and research it yourself, all of a sudden these seemingly crazy things that are happening everywhere now start to make complete sense. And what seemed like a gloomy unknown future will become a disgusting and horrific nightmare we are all ignorantly skipping into.

  5. In response to the leprosy argument, there is no proof, or even claim by the vaccine companies that it stops the spread of covid. Its why the vaccine mandates make no sense. Therefore it is just to shut down businesses that require it on the claim that its a health concern. They can take it to court and try and prove it does if they want but they got quite an uphill battle on that one. It is in no way comparable to leprosy, and given that the proportion of vaccinated individuals vary quite drastically across age and race, and there are people who can't get the vaccine for health reasons, you could argue that its actually a racist, ageist, or mandate against people outside normal health spectrums. The CDC even had to change the definition of vaccine just so we could keep calling them vaccines. Even if you take the companies at face value all they do is claim to make your covid case milder and increase your chance of survivability. No claim that they inoculate a person. Maybe your trying to be the devils advocate, but the fact that you try to pretend to be the voice of reason without actually talking about the facts of what the mandate is pretending to protect vrs what it is actually accomplishing is just BS.

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