Joe Biden Flips Out on Reporter After Question Is Asked About His Son Hunter, Has Another Gaffe

Feisty Joe came back out as a reporter fairly asked about Hunter Biden’s shady dealings with Ukraine, Russia and China. Then, while attempting to slam the president, Joe looked to his notes and still couldn’t replicate Trump’s words instead making the former VP once again the butt of the joke.

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Written by Drew Berquist


  1. Surely the Democrats have someone younger than Joe Biden to put up against Trump? The man's pushing 80 he's older than Trump! And not quite with it! This is not the way to win an election!

  2. I bet you $ .25 that Biden will win due to voter fraud. Truth is there's gonna about 180,000 million voters that'll vote and 80,000 will vote by mail. If you think it'll be fair I gotta glacier to sell you for estate property, great buy.

  3. good Ole Joey could not find the teleprompter. He was frustrated not able to stay on the DEMONRAT program. No teleprompter no good Ole Joey. Stupid is as good Ole Joey does.

  4. Deflect and blame trump…. HUNTER BIDEN… Joe is not only sleeping, but Joe is dirty as well. His hands are just as dirty as his sons people do you research and look it up. We are running out of time. There is no way to have this man in office! Impossible. It will end up being president Harris! And it will be downhill after that. This is the truth. Not liking Trump, and voting for Biden just because is not a good enough answer. You are throwing away our country.No matter what anyone says Trump delivers on his promises Joe Biden looks to blame others, plagiarized and is a liar and a thief.

  5. Donald J Trump his dad more then you've ever done how many years don't go there wishful thinking good just like the others every time you speak you make yourself look like a fool sorry Trump 20/20

  6. Trump is going to hit every nerve next Tuesday! I live in Florida and half the television ads are Sleepy saying Trump did this and it failed. Not one original idea from him. Most promising thing he says is I have a plan.

  7. That' s why he 's has nickname ( low life , all kinds the names ) , that's shamed DC party don't have any decent people's ,he' s couldn't finished whole sentence , because he's read from TelePrompTer, if he's be elected for the highest jop in the country ,this country will be a fool nation in the world.

  8. I finally had covid touch home…had one of my Brothers pass last week..but..he was over weight , diabetic , and over 60…his death hurts..but..he , like me , lived life now, so he had a good life and always knew, death was a heartbeat away.

  9. Hey man did you see how he screams at the reporter “focus on the man” that is what they the left are pushing as Agenda since 2016 . All that they do is to make President Trump sound worse and that people should concentrate on that only. That’s pathetic they have nothing good going on for this beautiful Country.

  10. Reporter: Can you speak to the allegations towards your son?

    Joe Biden: No because orange man bad and i choose truth over facts so that's why I won't answer your question about the AR-14