Joe Biden Gets Heckled by Trump Fans at His Pathetic PA Rally, Calls them Chumps



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  1. Honestly, how do Democrat's chunk they have a chance in hell? How could they EVER think they're going to win at this point? Lol VOTE TRUMP BOYS! IT'S GONNA BE A FUCKING LANDSLIDE!!!

  2. You cannot "out emotion" the LEFT. They demand that you validate and agree with their point of view. And if you don't respond in kind, they become more belligerent. If you try to talk to them and have a conversation, it devolves into name calling. And they become violent, riot, loot, assault, etc.

    Styx, at some point the only way to solve this problem is through violence. You don't have to like that reality, but you need to realize it.

  3. Lunch Box Joe holds a rally in Dallas, PA. A twenty minute helicopter rid from his Wilmington home (strong Joe, strong). And sixteen miles from his birthplace in Scranton. And he draws a Trump crowd. Where's your lid, Sniffy?
    BTW: Luzerne County, PA went for Trump 58% to 38% in 2016. Brilliant.

  4. Biden fans keep clutching their pearls and talking about respectful decorum … Didn’t Biden tell the sitting President of the United States “Why don’t you just shut up, man?!” in a televised debate?

  5. Trump didn’t lie about locking Hillary up. At the time, he actually thought he could. But then he learned the DNC owns the FBI and prosecution is impossible.

  6. Main thing I love about the internet. It's easier to tell who is being two faced and pandering, no longer can you lie in different districts and fool the local populace quite as easy. If only the tech world were the platforms they claim to be, and if only the media were as unbiased as they claim, we could have some people who truly represent the voters.

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  8. His youtube ads are also getting hilariously heckled. Amazingly, they opened the comments. Check it out—not a single pro-Biden comment in sight.

  9. It's an excellent inexpensive tactic to dominate all Biden rallies with massive numbers of Trump fans/patriots nationalists etc. to utterly demoralize the left and extreme centrists.

    Yes they used that tactic on us, but they have the MSM on their side, we don't so mass leftards demoralization is more likely.

    Can't get complacent and be lazy though, everyone votes!
    Massive Red (but not commie) Wave!

  10. PA Supreme Court is trying their best to help out "the Sleepy one". They've ruled that even mail-in votes that don't have a signature or that don't match records will still be counted! They're also apparently gonna count anything that comes in up to 3 days after Nov 3. And, in NV a mail-in ballot's signature only has to be a 40% match to voter records as determined by only one clerk (with no appeal) in order to count as a valid vote. Sounds like this time the Dems aren't leaving anything to chance, they know they have to win or face another 50 yrs of rebuilding – let's hope it's a rebuilding effort!

  11. LOL…The Left and its media are like gamblers, thinking if they just go a little further, they will eventually win, but they just keep losing. You have been caught in a trap for quite some time now. Trump is in your head…

    The Donald is everywhere. He is all around you. Even now, in this very room. You can see him when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel him when you go to work… when you go to church… when you pay your taxes. This has become your world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth… What truth?

    That you are a slave. Like all of the other Liberals, you are trapped in your own echo-chamber into bondage. Into a prison that you are too blind to taste or see or touch. A prison for your mind, in total reaction to Donald J. Trump.