Joe Biden GHOSTS State Of The Union Address, This is Almost Unprecedented, Not Seen Since 1977

Tim, Ian, and Lydia invite friend, author, podcaster, and YouTube commentator Jack Murphy to analyze Joe Biden’s absence of leadership as no State of the Union has yet been given.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. "Heal" means erase conservatives.
    "Unify" means obey.
    And "you know, the thing" was instructed, intentional, because they very much did not want him to quote the D.O.I. saying "all men are created equal".

  2. Millions of people tuned in to the Republican CPAC.

    Only a few thousand brain dead voters tuned in to watch the greatest president of the universe.

    Election fraud.

  3. Biden can't even speak for more than 5-10 min let alone over an hour during the State of the Union address and they know he can't.

  4. Is it just me but did anyone pay attention to Biden’s own verbiage? Listen he said I’ll take questions if that’s what you want ME to do Nance”. “Whatever you want ME to do Nance.” Like he’s asking permission on what’s to do next

  5. Pretty obvious why he hasn’t had one. The cancel culture got him also. Democrats have canceled Biden from public speaking so he doesn’t give away just how bad of shape he is. Also they don’t want to give up the phony fiasco.

  6. I think Biden just gave away whose running the country! I'll take questions if that's what you want Nance! Video cuts. Creepy dems!

  7. So I keep hearing this narrative about Joe Biden and not doing the SOTU…..I’m correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Trump ALSO not do the SOTU after he was elected and it’s because the incoming president doesn’t do that! That’s what I remember from 2017.

    And I am saying this to be fair. I HATE Joe Biden and the democrats and voted for Trump twice

  8. "The presidency aged them. It did NOT age Trump."

    Probably cause it just isn't that hard. Maybe because working for the majority of Americans and trying to do the best for them feels GOOD.